Verses from Matthew’s Red Journal

Feathers falling at Clover Field

Matthew Johnson
    Sports Editor

The sky is deeper then I sincerely imagined,

Unloaded with its white wisps and blue arena.

Oh you uncharted branches,

With your thrashing in the breezy expanse–

I am already distrustful of this hemisphere’s whirlwind,

And the blazing swirl of the lowering ring above.

If I stay in your distant horizon and deep shade permanently,

Your dazzling mist and roaring shutters will

Continue to toss and twist and slap me about.

Breathe and whisper your climatic tactics to trip,

Stretch your twilight retreat and dawn entrance

As too heavy and hazy for me to engulf.

I will flutter in screams across this vault’s landscape,

Alone in the gust of a hard wind’s caress,

With the light feather touch, lasting eternal.

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