Tech Trends of 2016

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Tarlon Khoubyari
        Staff Writer

2015 marked an incredible year for technology. Tech made its appearance in fashion, cars and homes. It has provided images of Mars, it has cure diseases, and it has connected populations in times of tragedy.

2016 is a new year for technology to continue its quest to innovate, inspire and make life easier.

For any tech-junkie, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is always highly anticipated as it offers a glimpse into the future of technology.

This show projects the newer trends we will see in the upcoming year to give consumers an idea of what to look for.

CES is hosted in Las Vegas every year and has progressed beyond wearable technology and technology that can fit in pockets. It has evolved into a techy auto show where big players in the automotive industry showcase the cars of the future.

This event is an opportunity for start-ups and other companies to show off their brands while the press and event attendees enjoy the show.

Here are some of the products we will see become mainstream in 2016.

1.     Smarter Cars

Cars are getting smarter; this is not a novel proclamation. The self-driving car isn’t a foreign concept, but the world still has yet to see a successful driverless vehicle.

Tesla came out with an autopilot feature, which is not necessarily “driverless,” but it has prompted other companies to step it up. Carmakers plan to up their game and Ford’s Sync will support iOS on all of their 2017 car models.

Audi, Mercedes and BMW have planned unveilings that will introduce their versions of the driverless car.

2.     Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a drone.

This phrase will seem increasingly popular, as drones have become accessible to just about anyone. Drones are one of the most controversial technology trends, but the advancing sophistication of these machines never ceases to awe.

Of the concerns that have swelled into controversy are the questions of security, privacy and safety; however, hobbyists, entrepreneurs and start-ups will use this as an opportunity to soar in the market.

The CES will focus on the consumer’s perspective, which means that drones will be easier to use and have higher quality cameras.

3.     Virtual Reality’s time to shine

Virtual Reality (VR) made a subtle appearance in 2015 but will be making an official debut this year. These bulky goggles will blow the mind of the user as they transport the wearer into virtual worlds of favorite video games, company warehouses or operating rooms.

Companies like Oculus, Samsung and PlayStation will be big players in providing the best virtual reality experience.

In addition to the VR goggles are controllers that show floor space and allow the wearer moving capability. Ultimately, the wearer is brought seamlessly into VR worlds.

There is much optimism for goggles that are less bulky, but for now, it is about the experience.

4. Cutting the cords of Cable

    Cable television is a thing in the past.

Mainstream television is being streamed nowadays from big names such as Netflix, Hulu and YouTube. These video streaming services will be making their way to the CES showcase and Sling TV — Dish’s first internet-only television subscription — will make its official debut.

Big players of streaming services are aiming to make the viewing experience of their favorite shows, movies and documentaries even better.

Along with these trends are wearable technology in sports, 3D printers hitting the mass market and robots.    

Who knows what other technologies will emerge this year and which ones will die off.

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  1. Interesting top 4 technologies…CES moved away from TV and Sound systems… interesting technologies


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