“Referees looking forward to the upcoming basketball season”

Michael Fields
    Staff Writer

With the intramural basketball tipping off this week, students participating are showing up to the student rec to work on their skills and fundamentals before their games.

However, it is not only basketball players who are working on their skills.

Last week was the training period for student referees for the intramural basketball season, and like the people actually playing on the court, they too needed to work or have a refresher on the parts of the game.

For some of these student refs, this first time that they have refereed competitive basketball before. None of the people that are coming out are professional referees, but are students, trying to have some fun and earn some extra money.

For people who grow up in sports and want to continue to have a connection to the thing they love, they find a way to keep that line strong. No one is going to referee a basketball game if they do not enjoy the game itself at least a little. The reasons for many of these referees for taking this job is the fact that they can get paid for being a part of something they loved as a child and continue to love today.

“I have always loved the game of basketball,” one excited new referee said. “Also, I definitely needed an on-campus job”.

Though the student officials do enjoy the sport of basketball, that is not the only sport that some of them like to play, watch or rage out over. Like most people, if they are interested in a genre or category of one thing, they tend to branch out into other factions of said genre. A guy or girl who likes music will not just listen to country or heavy metal.

“I have played for sports for most of my life,” one referee said. “Basketball is one of my favorite sports to play. I have also played soccer as well.”

One thing is for sure, the referees are pumped up for the upcoming season. There are many things that they want to happen once the season tips off.

“I look forward to meeting all of the players really. I want to make sure that everything goes smoothly,” a referee said. “I definitely do not want any unsportsmanlike conduct. I hope to keep everything flowing.”

At the end of the day, everybody just wants to have a good time playing basketball. The players want to play and win every game that they are in and the refs want to officiate a good season not be called every derogatory word in the English dictionary if they happen to make or not make a call you disagree with.

To go along with that, referees always have goals for the season. Going into the new season, there are things that the referees will more than likely key in on during the season.

“I hope that nobody gets kicked out. I hope to keep everything clean,” an energetic referee said. “I want the players to follow the rules and play good basketball.”

The referees do not try to kick out the players on purpose or abuse their authority. It is not like the referees have a chip on their shoulder and look forward to throwing players out of the game. The referees just want the players to play at a highly competitive level, respect the game and each other, and play the game correctly and cleanly.

The intramural basketball season is upon us though. I encourage students, faculty, and staff, and others that are interested to go out and support the players and referees during the intramural basketball season. And with five different leagues on three separate days, and a total of 36 teams in the leagues combined, spectators will have more than enough time to catch at least one game.

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