Some activities to do the next time that it snows here

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Ashley Hallenbeck/ The Carolinian

Michael Fields
    Staff Writer

Some people really look forward to the winter season in the Piedmont Triad. Most of the time we do not get a lot of snow. However, there are some instances where we get inclement weather and we get a lot of snow. When there is snow in Greensboro, we are usually stuck wherever we live for a day or days at a time. Through all of this, people start to get tired and restless of staying inside all of the time. So, they embrace the cold and the elements and go outside to do something productive. Then, the question arises: What activities can we do in the next time that it snows here?

The first activity that certainly comes to mind is sledding. Sledding is something that you can do either alone or you can do it with friends, family or even random people in the neighborhood. The key to sledding is finding a massive hill or slope that shoots the sled down extremely fast. If you do not have access to a hill, find a buddy with a car, tie a rope to the back of the car and your sled, and have some fun. Some life threatening fun. The quicker you can get the sled to go, the better the sledding experience is for everyone. The cool thing about sledding is that it is suitable for all ages. Anyone can sled if they have a sled or know someone with a sled. Sledding is more than likely the favorite activity to do in the snow during the winter.

Another possibility is to go skiing or snowboarding. Usually, we do not get enough snow where people could go ski or snowboard outside their residence. Still, the times when Greensboro gets plenty of snow, this becomes a possibility. If you happen to be in the mountains of North Carolina, there are various places where you can go ski or snowboard during the winter months.

An activity that you can do in the snow is throwing football outside. You can go throw the pigskin outside with family members or friends or find neighbors that want to play. I would suggest to play two hand tag in these conditions. However, some people like to go all out so they would probably suggest to play tackle to make the game more interesting. The snow and ice makes the tackles much softer than on the ground or concrete. It does not just have to be throwing the football. You can throw a baseball or whatever other ball around outside. There are different choices instead of just football.

One activity that many people may be interested in is ice skating. Surprisingly, there are more than one option if you want to ice skate in the Greensboro area during the winter. If you want to ice skate indoors, you can always go to the Ice Skate, which is located off of Wendover Avenue on Landmark Center Boulevard. You can ice skate at the Ice House throughout the entire year. Most people would probably prefer to go ice skate during the winter season though. If you want to ice skate outside, you can go to the Piedmont Winterfest. The Piedmont Winterfest is located two blocks down from Natty Greene’s on South Elm Street in the heart of downtown Greensboro. This would be a lovely place to go when it is snowing outside or even when it is not snowing outside.

The last activity that you can do is having a snowball fight. There are a majority of people who have probably been in at least one snowball fight during their lifetime. It is a fun activity to do with whoever wants to join.

It really does bring joy into your life when you get to have a snowball fight in Greensboro since we do not get snow that much. So, when it does snow outside and the opportunity arises, I would highly suggest that you go have an epic snowball fight to see how much fun it really is.

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