The Last Ride

NCAA WOMENS BASKETBALL:  JAN 20 Wofford at UNC Greensboro

UNCG Athletics

Will J McGarty
    Staff Writer

Every time I go to a women’s basketball game at Fleming Gym, I know I’ll be in for a treat watching Lucy Mason. She is a player who competes hard on both sides of the floor, leading her team in points per game (22.4) as well as in total steals (53). She is the type of player that is reminiscent of players such as Allen Iverson or Russell Westbrook, the way she can score, pass and dribble on offense, as well as get back and stay strong on defense. Knowing this year will be her last in college basketball, it is evident that she plays the game trying to get everything out of it while she can.

    The star guard from Stone Mountain, Georgia discussed her season and how it compares to her first three seasons.

    “I definitely think that this has been the best season of my career,” she said. “I think that this year I’ve been more aggressive and I also think that my mindset has changed from last year.  I knew coming into this year that that this was my last year of college basketball and I wanted to make it a good one.”

    Looking at her numbers, the average fan would think she is the starting shooting guard rather than the star point guard. Although she only averages three assists per game, she is fundamental in finding ways to score baskets for the Spartans. “Understanding what the team needs in any particular moment,” is what Mason believes to be key when deciding whether to aggressively score or dish out to an open teammate. Mason said, “in those situations, I have to be smart and make the correct decisions and plays for the team.”

    This year, it looks as though she is making all the right decisions, as Lucy has broken the record for career points at the end of December against Maryland-Eastern Shore. The previous record by Polk-Jones stood for 26 years, so there is reason to believe Mason’s name will be etched into UNCG history for quite a while to come. Lucy is also the number one scorer this season in the Southern Conference as well as a top five scorer in the nation.

    While Mason is becoming accustomed to individual success, this is not translating directly to team success. The blue and gold have lost nine games in a row, falling to an overall record of 8-16 and a 0-9 record within their conference. When asked about the consistent losses, Mason said that although it is tough, there is always something you can learn from a loss. She believes the key to ending this losing streak is to become more consistent and for the team to play an entire 40 minutes of basketball. With only five games left in the regular season, the team looks to bounce back and finish out the season strong.

    Reflecting on her career as a Spartan, Mason believes these past four years have led to a tremendous amount of growth both on and off the court. Through the game of basketball, Lucy has been able to interact with people from all different walks of life and has been able to build relationships that will last a lifetime.

    Moving forward, Mason wants to work somewhere in intercollegiate athletics. She said that she has always wanted to work as close as possible to sports and that she thinks it would be a good way to give back and use the knowledge she has acquired throughout her lifetime as a basketball player.

    There are a few opportunities left to support the Lady Spartans this season. With only three home games left before the season ends, this could be the last time we see a player of this caliber at UNCG in a long time. The team will host their next game at Fleming Gym Thursday, Feb. 11, against Chattanooga at 7 p.m.

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