Tech Entreprenuer Spotlight: Cameron Duncan Stewart

Tarlon Khoubyari
      Staff Writer

Cameron Duncan Stewart is currently a business and information systems senior and the president of Pi Kappa Alpha. His role in Pi Kappa Alpha has propelled his passions to create a space for students, businesses, and organizations to brand their companies or products in an easy, elegant way. Stewart noticed that branding companies charge more for sororities and fraternities and has created a place where companies, fraternities/sororities and hosts can improve their presence in the community. Duncan Prints & Designs was started in January and has over produced over $20,000 in sales this year.

Q: Every business is used to solve a problem. What problem did you hope to solve with your company?

A: “As external vice president of Pi Kappa Alpha my freshman year, I noticed it was really hard and expensive to advertise for events my fraternity hosted and most services didn’t give me a breakdown of where the money was going towards. I wanted to create a local business that provides credibility and accountability. I wanted to create an experience for the customer where they know what’s happening start to end”

Q: How did you come up with this service?

A: “I made a Pike Summer shirt meant for a future event we were having. I shared the picture on Facebook and it got shared over and over. I kind of started it by mistake. After it got shared, people were submitting orders like crazy! We had over 400 units that were being made and it led to three sleepless nights of hard work to redefine the company. I later sold another shirt for our Philanthropy Fireman’s Challenge and was able to sell 482 shirts where all profits went to the Wake Forest Burn Center. I saw that I could really make a difference and help local communities with marketing events, businesses, and products”

Q: How has being in a fraternity helped your success?

A: “Being apart of a fraternity has allowed me to go to conventions with over a 100 other chapters, which allowed me to network and grow, and has given me business and networking skills. It’s about the brotherhood and connection you have with people who have similar ideas as you. They’ve been extremely supportive in this process. I want to show people that you don’t need to go to a fancy school to get a wonderful education and make a difference in the community. With the skills I’ve gained at UNCG and Pi Kappa Alpha, I’m confident in my pursuit of helping people and contribute to the community.”

Q: What is a quote you live by?

A: “‘Work until you never have to introduce yourself’. In order to succeed, you have to fail and keep picking yourself up. It’s never going to be easy and if it were, it wouldn’t be fun”

Q: How has technology played a role in your success?

A: “My business started by accident from sharing something on social media. It’s really helped the company grow and through Tilt, I’m able to collect more information on my clients in a professional, safe way. I started selling my fraternity t-shirts on there and it has opened my clientele as well.”

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