Artist Weekly: Blueberry

Blueberry band photo

Jurgen Appelo/ flickr

Vincent Johnson
      Staff Writer

Greensboro-based local musical duo Blueberry is gearing up for their upcoming performance and EP release on Saturday, April 30 at 7:00 p.m. at Urban Grinders. There will be food, coffee, art and sublime rock acoustics.

Blueberry will sell physical copies of their new EP for $5. The event will feature a performance from Blueberry, as well as performances from the bands MÄSTR Explüdr and Truly, who are lined up to perform remarkable opening sets before the main attraction.

Blueberry is primarily made up of their two front members — one man and one woman — whose names just happen to be Nate and Kate, respectively. Kate and Nate both have similar styles, which they demonstrate through their music.

Yet, they’re still not the typical rock or indie band. Indeed, Blueberry has the look of a trendy minimalist band and their concert feedback reports to be similar to deep-rooted indie/rock performances.

During their live shows, Kate usually performs vocals and plays keys while Nate plays the guitar and performs some vocals as well.

They both share the talent of being vocally gifted and have the skills to perform with live instruments, providing a deeper connection to the audience and their music.

Visually, the duo of Kate and Nate carry a vibe and aura that is reminiscent of some of rock music’s smoothest acts from the ‘60s and ‘70s.

They bring in an indie, chill and melodic feel to their music and are determined to create a refreshed new fan base who appreciates the authenticity of underground music. Many are anticipating the band’s EP release and showcase. 

As graduates of UNCG, Blueberry has been performing on the Greensboro indie circuit for a little while now and, within that time, they have developed an identity and chemistry as a band that is natural and graceful. The sensations they portray as a whole create cohesion in their performance as well as their music, flowing and improvising as the music takes on a life of its own, like genuine music tends to do.

Truly, an Asheville-based band, includes Alli Rogers on vocals, piano and guitar; Spencer Auten on guitar and bass; Sara Kennedy on drums and vocals and Rachel Herman on violin. In January 2016, Truly released the album “Henry,” which is available on cassette or can be downloaded off Bandcamp.

The album consists of five tracks that artistically mold music and the portrayal of divine love.

Truly’s music could be described as experiential, mixing genres associated with rock, indie, as well as a hint of folk music. While listening to the mixed instrumentals of piano, guitar, bass, drums and violin, one can hear the band create an innovative and distinct sound.

The sound includes the house music vocal styles complimented with soft rock and indie. Due to this wide variety of genres, Truly’s album is very diverse and holds the potential to receive a thumbs up from an audience of diverse musical backgrounds and preferences.

MÄSTR Explüdr consists of Welsey Ganey on guitar and vocals, Ross Kiefer on bass and Kevin Metcalf on drums. The band is based out of Greensboro and formed in 2015. The band performs at Common Grounds and other Greensboro venues frequently. They recently performed at Foustock, the annual music festival hosted by Mary Foust Residence Hall.

At the event, not only will audience members be able to see Blueberry, Truly and MÄSTR Explüdr perform live, but they will have the opportunity to observe and feel the sentiments created from sharing the positive energy that is guaranteed to be present on Saturday, so come out to support some of Greensboro’s local bands.

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