UNCG Career Service Center to hold Part Time Job Fair on Sept. 24

Zachary Weaver
  News Editor

The UNCG Career Services Center (CSC) will hold the Part Time Job Fair on Wednesday, August 24 from 12:30-4 p.m. in the EUC’s Cone Ballroom.

The fair will be open to all students, providing a venue where they can meet and talk with employers and potentially apply for a job on the spot.

Opportunities generally focus on jobs linked to career pathways, as opposed to temporary work focussed providing income only.

“It’s great if [a job] can pay the bills and lead into a profession,” CSC Assistant Director for Recruiter Management Katie Geise commented.

A variety of employers will be present, with Chick-Fil-A being the only fast food. All opportunities are paid, as the CSC does not wish to highlight unpaid internships and labor.

“We know a large population of our students need to work in order to stay in school,” Geise said, “So we want to make sure there are good jobs that maybe pay more than minimum wage to help support students through their academic endeavors.”

Job types also vary, with numerous opportunities available ranging from publishing and childcare to foodservice and retail.

New employers include Golden Gate Shopping Center’s Airfund Trampoline Park, the Kaplan Center for Wellness, and Experience Marketing. Old partners return as well, including Northwestern Mutual, Waffle House, Belk, and Home Depot.

The majority of employers are off-campus, with only three at UNCG: the Kaplan Center, the Office of Accessibility Resources, and the CSC.

While there are no required items for attendees, Geise still recommended certain details. She recommends business-casual attire, consisting of khakis and a polo shirt. Student IDs are required to get a name tag. These include space for majors, which can help employers connect more quickly on common work interests and goals.

Résumés are also recommended, though employers understand that students may not have experience yet. Students seeking one are welcome in the CSC, where Peer Career Ambassadors will help via drop-in hours or by appointment.

Geise also recommended that students research employers before arriving and applying. Assuming details about an employer can be risky, and looking them up never hurts.

“Employers love it when you’re prepared,” Geise said.

Surveys will be offered at the fair for future improvements and suggestions, as a goal of the fair is to improve and grow in the future. These include space for expectations met or not, industries of personal interest, and ‘more-of-this’ suggestions.

“We plan to keep hitting some evolutions,” Geise said, “and seeing what the next step for the Part Time Fair is.”

Geise emphasized that the fair is beneficial to students seeking part-time work, especially for those seeking major-related jobs.

“We encourage everyone to come, to check it out,” Geise said.

A complete list of employers present is available on the CSC website, behind the login screen, which uses UNCG credentials. Further information can be requested from Katie Geise at kngeise@uncg.edu.

There will also be a career fair on Sept. 28, which will require formal attire and involves more employers.

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