Summer’s musical legacy

April Miller
  Staff Writer

Whether you were at the beach sunbathing (or burning), working a 9-5 at what you thought was a part-time job, we want to make sure you don’t miss out on the hottest EP releases of the summer. Here’s a look back on the best releases of the past three months. Ranging from  hip-hop, R&B, jazz and indie-Americana, this should help you cling to those last bits of summer.

1. Dylan Brady is a St. Louis based vocalist, producer and multi-instrumentalist; someone you need to be keeping your eye on. “Choker”, his latest release, is an exciting exploration of darker sounds . Brady chooses to forgo traditional recording methods in order to create a very distinct soundscape. Every vocal distortion and hypnotic rhythm is exactly where it’s intended to be, creating these beautifully abstract and undeniably artful productions. This is definitely an album that needs to be experienced through a proper sound system or headphones. You don’t want to miss all of the carefully placed intricacies embedded  throughout each track. Brady manages to carve out a wholly unique sound. “Choker” provides moments that are awfully intimate, and a little bit haunting. The album just feels personal, unpredictable and unstoppable, as Brady hits as a rare form of uncensored energy and creativity . His pop progressive productions continue to attract collaborators from all genres, and provide an almost addictive experience.    

2. BOOHER is an Americana-tinged rock’n’roll group. They combine confessional lyrics with gravelly declarative qualities that stays true to the music hotbed of Austin, TX. Their latest EP “Autographing’ Bibles” comes as bit of a preview for their upcoming debut full length Funny Tears, expected to release in early 2017 via    Old Flame Records (Cloud Nothings, Yuno). The EP features “Autographing’ Bibles”, “Tuxedo Park”, and “Shuffled”, which are contagious and spirited rock’n’roll tracks that showcases Booher’s brilliant understanding of both instrument and voice. Booher, himself the lead singer and songwriter describes the project as “a drive out west with a group of friends and a beer…or 12”. Until then, you’ll be keeping this three-song EP on repeat.

3. “American Tunes” is the final recording from prolific musician Allen Toussaint. Spanning a career of six decades, “American Tunes” was released posthumously and produced by Joe Henry. The album is a cohesive collection that oozes elegance, but would you expect anything less for his tribute? “American Tunes” is a compilation that highlights Toussaint’s wide historical and stylistic range. Similar to Johnny Cash’s cover albums, this emphasizes his personal inspirations and signature sound.  This album shows Toussaint embodying and channeling the masters of piano in music. He re-imagines the blues with trill-filled patterns invented by Professor, a deep influence. on“Big Chief” and “Mardi Gras In New Orleans”. On  “Lotus Blossom” and “Come Sunday” Touissant pays homage to the jazz legend Duke Ellington. American Tunes focuses on Toussaint’s skill as a pure musician, surpassing the confines of genre to make    his work his own. The final album captures the spirit  of his vibrant and diverse style. Staying true to the familiar timbre of New Orleans, Toussaint helps to personify some of the sounds carried on in modern soul, R&B, funk, and rock’n’roll.    

4. Brooklyn rapper Chynna celebrates 90 days of sobriety with her latest release, “Ninety”, which is streaming now via Fader. The resilient rapper is giving us an impressive when considering her personal struggles. “Ninety” is as much intimately open as it is coherently smooth. A compromise of originality and inspiration, Chynna chose to follow many of her influences in terms of production. Working with various producers to capture her distinctive sound, which has elements of sci-fi, fantasy, and R&B under an umbrella psychedelic rock.“Conceptually, I allowed my influences to guide me without sounding    anything like them,” Chyna describes. “I turned back into my favorite psychedelic rock albums from The Zombies down to Blue Oyster Cult. Especially them.” Chynna,short and sweet, affirms“It’s last minute. It’s honest. It’s lit. Day 90.”

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