The Pancakes and Canadian Bacon Tour comes to the Idiot Box


Ross Kiefer,
  Arts and Entertainment Editor


Part of comedy is being able to take mundane or personal experiences, and twist them into something that is humerous. Comedians Dusty Slay and Hannah Hogan do this extremely well, as put their own lives on display for laughs. The two are pairing up for Southeast leg of their tour entitled Pancakes and Canadian Bacon.

Based out of Nashville, Tennessee, they seek to provide a particular brand of absurdist comedy. Instead of commenting on major social events Looking to explore some of the logical fallacies that follow everyday life. In an interview with Dusty and Hannah, Dusty talked about why comedy is an important medium . “Comedy is so important because it is a great distraction from what’s going in the world. We all what’s going on right now, let’s not talk about that. Let’s be funny. Let’s talk about me being poor, ya know stuff like that.” The two also show a fondness for a type of humor known as surrealist comedy. The purpose of this form of comedy is too generally create humor out of defying logic and non-sequiturs. Proponents of this form of comedy are also Steve Martin, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim as well as members of the Monty Python comedy collective. The two also mix in moments of deadpan, observational and satirical humor.

Although now working out of Nashville, Hannah Hogan originally hails from Canada. She incorporates a mix of character based comedy with humble commentary about some the awkward moments of life, like stereotypes that come with being a female Canadian. Instead of relying on a loud and commanding presence, she chooses to charm with her light footed remarks and intelligence.

Hannah has also managed to do work outside of stand up. As an established actress and writer, she has received a Canadian Comedy award for her role in “That’s So Weird”, and  a nomination for her writing on the “Meet The Family.” In addition to this she has appeared on several internet based comedies, including Funny or Die’s “Friends With Benefits.” Within the United States she has also been privileged enough to perform at multiple comedy festivals. This includes the Green Fravel Comedy Festival, Laughing Skull Comedy Festival and the Cape Fear Comedy Festival in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Dusty Slay is an Alabama native, although it’s pretty easy to discern that he’s from the South from his trucker hat and thick accent. Having grown in up in between farms and trailer parks, Dusty’s style of comedy has seems to have been dipped in absurdist-Americana. Using a self-deprecating deadpan to appeal to his audience, Dusty has a laughable, yet surprisingly honest persona. One interesting thing about Dusty is that he chooses to avoid swearing. “I just wanna get booked more places” explains Dusty. “I did gig recently where I had to be ‘church clean’, and I want to be able to do that, I don’t want to turn down gigs. I think it forces me to be a little bit more creative. Maybe dropping the F-bomb right here would be really funny, but now I have to find a way to make that same joke funny without doing that. So it forces you to go for good content.”

Also now residing in Nashville, Dusty is a regular performer at the local comedy club Zanies. He has had the privilege to open for various touring comedians, such as Roseanne and Rob Schneider. Dusty also maintains a wide touring schedule himself, having played shows all over the east coast and parts of the midwest. In addition to stand up, he has also done some notable work on television. He has been seen on shows such as NBC’s “Last Comic Standing”, and was a featured comedian on “TMZ.”

The Pancakes and Canadian Bacon tour is an extension of a larger project that Hannah and Dusty are working on. In anticipation for their upcoming international tour, the two of them are recording and filming all their sets and audience interactions. “The great thing about traveling on the road is that you meet so many great and interesting people,” Hannah tells me. We love talking to audience members that come to our shows, and we also love checking out the town that we’re playing in. That what we really want to capture.”

Dusty put it this way, “When you spend as much time focusing on comedy as we do, and I mean that’s our whole thing, we don’t have other jobs and we’re not celebrities. It’s not so easy because people aren’t randomly calling us up to play their club, so we’re booking ourselves and we’re kind of always in that mindset. It almost as life kind of becomes a show. We’re always promoting, we’re always trying to book, we’re always being funny. There’s no need to fake anything, we are already living the show.”

Hannah and Dusty will be coming to the Greensboro on Wednesday, September 14. They will be performing at 8:30 p.m. at the Idiot Box located at 2134 Lawndale Drive, near Hops Burger Bar and Geeksboro. Tickets are only $5 and it promises to be a hilarious time.


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