SGA holds first meeting, inducts new senators

Zachary Weaver
  News Editor

The UNC Greensboro Student Government Association (SGA) held their first meeting of the semester, inducting new elected members and detailing their expectations and responsibilities.

SGA Vice President Sajin Chhabra, a Senior Marketing major, introduced and inducted the new senators.

“I believe these people are competent in what they’ve done,” Chhabra said, “as they can excel in the future…”

The appointments were intended to be as diverse as possible, in order to reach as many constituents as possible in the student population.

Senatorial inductees included At-Large Senators Jordan Lopez, Chidi Igba, and Lydia Pynn; Commuter Senator Chris Funchess; Student Organizational Senators Robert Nguyen and Imani Barnes; Freshman Senator Jasmine McIver; and Adult Senator Winona Wentworth.

Chhabra also outlined his expectations for senators, which included base rules, a code of conduct and a duty for being responsible to their constituents.

The new senators have a diverse selection of majors, allowing them to serve a wider range of students than was possible in the past.

The Executive Cabinet members include Chief of Staff Holly Shields, Secretary of Student Affairs Colby Kirkman, Secretary of Academic Affairs Anna Poteat, Secretary of Business Affairs Kayla Richardson, Secretary of Community Affairs Madison Clore, and Secretary of Media Affairs Katrina Birt Jenkins.

The Executive Council includes President Joseph Graham, Chhabra, and Attorney General Antonio Southern.

As heads of the SGA, Graham and Chhabra remain confident about the coming semester.

Future meetings will address issues pertinent to UNCG campus and students, and introduce new business for the new semester.

“Let us continue today to be greater than our yesterdays,” Graham wrote in his personal website summary. “Let us be the university that takes giant steps toward a brighter future; and let us learn to use our diversity and its uniqueness to claim our stake to an invincible legacy.”

“With my leadership,” Chhabra wrote in his summary, “I intend for the face and actions of SGA to touch all parts of our campus community.”

The SGA meets every Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the EUC Maple Room or Cone Ballroom. Meetings are open to the public.

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