UNCG Bike Rental Moves to ReCycles Bike Shop

Robin Taylor
  Staff Writer

ReCycles Bike Shop has assumed UNCG’s bike rental program after the closure of Spartan Traders.


Located at 908 Spring Garden Street, ReCycles took over following the Spartan Trader’s April 2016 closure, who previously rented bikes to customers.


A full service bike shop, ReCycles has more to offer in the way of repairs and bike accessories.


Previously, bicycle repairs were handled by a part time student bike tech. Upkeep of the bikes will now be handled by a team of professionals.


“Customer service is expected to improve,” Associate Director of Parking Operations and Campus Access Management Suzanne Williams said, “and operating hours will be more convenient. Also, since ReCycles is a full service business, it will be a one-stop shop for everything a cyclist might want or need.”


Williams also said that the program has grown considerably over the years.


“When the bike rental program started in 2011, there were only 6 bikes and a waiting list of more than 20 students wanting to rent,” Williams stated. “The program has grown over the years and we now have more than 60 bikes in the rental fleet.”


Although the change is location seems to have caused a drop in rentals, the program is expected to continue to grow through the partnership with ReCycles. ReCycles will be moving its location in August 2017 to the new Spartan Village phase two currently under construction on West Gate City Blvd.


ReCycles employee TJ Elledge said that their location, only three blocks from campus, means they already service approximately 75 percent of student bikes.


“Biking is big here in greensboro, road and mountain biking is pretty big,” Elledge stated.

“And this area too since we’re close to downtown, lots of people use bikes to commute.”


Merritt White, the shop’s owner, could not be reached for comment but is planning programs for students, to be announced at a future date.


Williams also said that Greensboro is on the way to becoming a more bike-friendly city.


“I remember what it was like before Spring Garden Street included bike lanes,” Williams commented. “It really is getting better, especially with the continued development of the Greenway connecting UNCG to downtown.”


Although UNCG and Greensboro are only considered bronze level bike-friendly by the League of American Cyclists, Williams plans to improve infrastructure and programs to earn silver or gold status in the next five years. She also says that, although there are currently only five platinum-level universities, she wants UNCG to be on that list too. One way she hopes to achieve that goal is by establishing an automated bike share program on campus in the future.


“If anyone has ideas or suggestions for making UNCG and Greensboro more bike friendly, please contact me,” Williams said in conclusion. “I want to know what students want and value. Colleagues at ReCycles and with the Greensboro Department of Transportation want to know too. Please help us help you!”

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