UNCG hangs onto win over Longwood


Isaiah Saint Hilaire
  Staff Writer


It was a game in which two teams desired to beat the other in a fashionable way. UNCG felt that their opponent did not have what it took to defeat them. Longwood felt that because they faced UNCG back in the spring, that they had a good chance of beating them soundly. UNCG came out rolling as they kicked the ball off and right off the back, they forced a fumble and recovered it to put their offense in a position to score. It didn’t take long for the offense of the Spartans to move down the field and eventually score a touchdown provided by quarterback Brandon Travis.


The quarterback for Longwood came out and attempted to rally the offense back into the game by going deep to their top wide receiver. Instead, it was a pick and UNCG was able to get position of the ball and be set up to score. Travis was in the pistol position gazing into the eyes of the middle linebacker on the opposing side. He took the snap back and threw a bullet to the wide receiver in the endzone. It was clear that UNCG had gotten off to a sensational start. Just like that, they had a commanding 14-0 lead with the Spartans faithful cheering for the blue and gold.


Longwood’s first points came on the scoreboard courtesy of a deep ball from the Lancer’s passing game. The sideline once boisterous sideline of UNCG was now not so  ecstatic now that their shutout was over and their lead was pushed to one possession. Using a strong running attack, the Spartans drove the ball down the field, chewing up a lot of the clock off in an attempt to score before Halftime. However, an interception from Travis halted a potential three score lead for the blue and gold. No doubt, that play had much ramifications for the rest of the game, both ending an otherwise perfect first half for the Spartans and providing a momentum boost for Longwood.


The opening kick-off for the third quarter saw an even larger momentum swing in favor of the Lancers. Longwood forced a fumble on the kick-off and proceeded to pick it up and return it for score. Like that, the score was 14-13 with the Longwood bench at an emotional high and the Spartans bench disgruntled over a blown lead. With the ball back, UNCG once again saw the ground as their best offensive option. The running game would gain 6 yards, 10 yards, 15 yards and eventually that would set up another Spartan touchdown to make the score at 21-13.


As the third quarter wound down and the fourth began, the Spartans took the advantage at a stalled Longwood possession. They drove the ball down the field with option plays. Many times during the drive, the quarterback decided to take to the air instead of the ground and Longwood was giving UNCG wide open shots due to their lack of coverage on the receivers. A one yard touchdown pass once again pushed the blue and gold to a double digit lead, 28-13.


With less than eight minutes left in the game and a two score lead, the fat lady was warming up her voice behind the curtains. However, she returned to her dressing room following a deep pass and a Spartans defender falling down on the play set up Longwood to score a touchdown to cut the game back to one possession. The Spartans were able though to hold onto the lead and eventually the game for their first win of the season. Next week is their bye week before traveling to Ohio State and UNC Chapel Hill. The next home game for the Spartans will be on October 29 when they square off against Middle Georgia State.  


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