The biggest challenge facing students today


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Antonio Rivera
  Staff Writer

College is hard. It’s pretty much widely accepted as fact around the world. The worst part about this, is that it probably always will be. But why is that? What about college makes almost every student struggle and for some, crack under the pressure and decide not to continue?

The biggest challenge facing students today is keeping up with everything on their busy schedules.

Being a student in college isn’t just taking a couple of classes a day and going home or going out to parties, even though many people believe it to be.

There’s so much more on the plates of college students than just that. They have to live lives and take care of themselves as well.

Students are now put in a new situation where their well-being relies solely on their shoulders. They have to make sure they’re on top of their classes, make sure they’re eating meals, attending clubs and internship programs, work low-paying jobs, pay bills and other fees for things like over-priced books, all while still having a social life and having the “college experience”.

If you think this doesn’t seem like much to do or that it’s simple, it’s important that you are educated on the amount of time so many of these things require to be accomplished.

The average student takes 15 credit hours of class meaning they spend 15 hours a week in class. It is commonly understood that per hour you spend in class you spend two studying and doing homework. So between attending class and studying the average student spends 45 hours a week alone.

Another big job student has while being in college is being a part of clubs and organization. Most clubs and organizations meet a minimum of twice a week for around two hours, so there’s four more hours of the week spent.

Because college is so expensive, many students find themselves having to get jobs as well. Many work part-time as well as work full-time jobs, taking up another 15 to 40 or more hours of the week.

Eating is a constant worry that college students worry about throughout the day, every day. Many students have a hard time finding a healthy eating schedule because cafeteria are a good amount of distance away as well as taking a while to get food, eat, and go on with their days. It takes at least an hour or two out of your day per meal so on average a student takes around 25 hours a week just to eat.

On top of all these things students also have to make sure they’re on top of their basic human needs such as hygiene, laundry, and cleaning spending around 10-15 hours a week on fulfilling these basic human rituals.

And among this long list of the tasks a college student has to do throughout the week, the one the students have the hardest time keeping up with is, sleeping.

Most professionals recommend that a person should sleep around eight hours a night. Most students are unable to complete this because they’re so busy throughout the day, but to sleep on a healthy schedule would take about fifty-six hours a week.

If you’ve been unable to keep up with the total amount of hours that it takes a student to keep up with all these things healthily, I have calculated them all for you.

To complete all these things, it takes around 185 hours. And that’s only if you only do the things that I’ve mentioned specifically in this article and complete them all in the same amount of time I stated.

The issue with it taking 185 hours to complete the tasks required of a college student is that there are only 168 hours in a week.

So every week college students have to fit their 185 hours a week of tasks into the 168 hours there are in a week.

This is the biggest challenge college students are facing today. Trying to make 185 hours into 168 hours.

How can students do this? How do they make 185 hours fit into 168 hours?

Unfortunately, it usually means that some things can’t be completed to the potential they could’ve been if the student had time.

The pressure college students have to live under can be very overwhelming and hard to get through. But somehow college students have shown time and time again that they are strong enough to get through it, overcome these obstacles and eventually graduate.

So yes, college is hard, but college students work way harder.

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