WUAG Top Ten Playlist


James Ross Kiefer
  A&E Editor


The lovely campus radio station, WUAG, has provided our students with music over the airwaves since 1964. Playing music from all genres, listeners of jazz, reggae, alternative and hip hop music are sure to find something to please their ears. The music itself is selected from a wide variety of student and community volunteers, who spend anywhere between 2-3 hours in the booth each week picking out playlists to satisfy our music cravings.

This week we are going to highlight the some of the tracks to come out of the radio station in the past month. Here are WUAG’s top ten played songs from September:


  1. “Sing to the Moon”/Snarky Puppy/Family Dinner Volume Two

Snarky Puppy has brazenly entered the hearts of fusion lovers. With their bombastic live shows and high energy solos, each song oozes jazz-fueled goodness. This track starts out with Michelle Willis on pump organ and gently fades into Laura Mvula’s haunting voice. The instrumentation that follows is classic Snarky Puppy, with beautiful horn ornaments and wildly inventive synthesizer solos.

  1. “Needle Trade Off”/Gøggs/Gøggs

With enough fuzzy guitar and distorted vocals to appeal to everyone’s inner punk, this track is short and anything but sweet. The chorus is a bit poppy, but it makes the song a great one to cruise around too.

  1. “CHEETAHT2”/Aphex Twin/ Cheetah EP

This song is the equivalent of a 90’s rave that got shifted into low gear. Stocked with cheesy synth tones and a simplistic backing beat, “CEETAHT2” fits more into your after class hangout rather than a dance party.

  1. “Sister”/White Lung/Paradise

White Lung is a thrash-punk band hailing out of Canada. Their album Paradise examines issues facing women, and the “Sister” looks at seeing a loved one in an abusive relationship. The guitar work here is especially nice, as we hear a lot of shimmering tremolos instead of a harsher, more aggressive tone.

  1. “Because I’m Me”/The Avalanches/Wildflower

If there was a song that captured the fleeting moments of summer it’s this one. With a beautiful sample, infectious horn work and a dope as hell rap feature, “Because I’m Me” will mellow you out and get you hype all at once.

  1. “Ain’t a Sin to Win”/Diarrhea Planet/Turn to Gold

With possibly the greatest name in punk rock today, Diarrhea Planet has definitely kept in row with WUAG’s indie punk tendencies. The seventh track off their latest album, “Ain’t a Sin to Win” is machismo and anthemic all with a tint of 80’s rock flare. Having engines revving at the beginning of the song, with a gnarly bass tone and over the top guitar solo is both refreshing and a little nostalgic.

  1. “Blur”/LVL UP/Return to Love

Alt-rock sad boys LVL UP will hook onto your heart strings until you too are wearing thrifty sweaters and starting your own Neutral Milk Hotel sound alike band. With a more lo-fi aesthetic, “Blur” pais crooning vocals with loud, upbeat guitars and honestly some pretty great drum work.

  1. “Violent Clouds”/Ameriglow/A Heavy Heaven for Robby

Local act Ameriglow gets a little sultry on this song. Pouring emotion into each lyric, this song is eerily beautiful and self deprecating, but you’ll probably find yourself listening to it over.

  1. “Ticklish Warrior”/Thee Oh Sees/A Weird Exit

Heavy tones, pounding drums and visceral vocals are what makes this track come together. You can bang your head, start a mosh pit or punch something you normally wouldn’t, but this song is all power. You can view the track on Youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6Xe2nI1rnw

  1. “Fall Song”/Nate G/ Psychic Era EP

Rounding off the lost is local artist and composer Nathaniel Goldsmith, or known better to fans and friends as Nate G. This song showcases Nate’s affinity for more somber tones, and he paints a beautiful soundscape using only guitar and his lurid voice. All of his recorded work can be found here on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/nategoldsmith


To make the listening experience easier, we’ve also made a playlist of everything that’s avialable so, you won’t have to travel far in between tracks: https://open.spotify.com/user/1220379730/playlist/0ZTpjKrt8Jf8uIQfc9D5Nx


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