Does incumbency create political stagnation?

Antonio Rivera
 Staff Writer

Since the 2014 elections, the United States of America has been in a political gridlock. We now have a majority Republican congress and (as we all know) President Barack Obama is part of the Democratic party.  Due to this current state of our federal government, the current national leadership has not been able to achieve many of their goals they set during their campaigns.

What causes this problem in government? I believe it is the incumbencies of certain offices, especially the amount of time in office one gets.

Due to the time a senator gets each term once elected, it becomes very hard for anything to drastically change once the country’s government is in gridlock. This means that because of one single election, a country can be stuck in gridlock for years, resulting in a congress getting nothing done.

In North Carolina, there has been a lot of people upset across social media about the current leaders in office, but more specifically so with our current governor, Pat McCrory.

In March 2016, North Carolina governor Pat McCrory passed an Act officially called “An Act to Provide for Single-sex Multiple Occupancy Bathroom and Changing Facilities in Schools and Public Agencies and to Create Statewide Consistency in Regulation of Employment and Public Accommodations”, known to most of us as just “HB-2”.

This law has been extremely controversial to not only the state, but across the entire country. Many people believe that this specific bill is currently the most anti-LGBT law in the United States. This law has also been addressed internationally. Particularly in the United Kingdom, they have issued a travel advisory towards members of their LGBT communities visiting the United States, specifically naming North Carolina as one of the reasons why.

By the time August came around the corner this year, it was estimated that North Carolina had faced great economic losses: over $350 million and nearing 2,000 jobs win result from many companies, musicians, touring shows, and tourists deciding to not spend money in the state because of the bill.

As you can probably imagine, polls have shown that a majority of North Carolinians do not agree with the bill and believe that the bill has negatively impacted the state. Many have begun calling for their governor Pat McCrory to be impeached from his office.

Unfortunately for the state’s citizens, there are not the right amount of people in office willing to answer their pleas because of their political party affiliation. This party loyalty results in the current residents of North Carolina who are angry being stuck with leaders they do not want in power.

How does North Carolina get to fight back the current incumbency that has resulted in political stagnation? Unfortunately for those who crave change, they will have to wait for an election to try to replace him, however long that may take.

Who has answered the call to fight against the current North Carolina governor Pat McCrory? That candidate is current Attorney General of North Carolina, Roy Cooper.

Roy Cooper’s Gubernatorial candidacy has been very competitive. Some of the local polls even project Cooper winning this election by at least seven points. During his candidacy, he has brought up a lot of the issues, particularly the social issues North Carolinians have found fault with in Pat McCrory’s leadership choices.

Attorney General Cooper has been endorsing television advertisements about Governor McCrory’s failures when it comes to the salaries of teachers, the economy of the state after HB-2, taxes increasing for the North Carolina working class, and then tax cuts for the upper class.

Roy Cooper’s Gubernatorial candidacy has allowed for the public to finally address the political stagnation of the state, but it has taken way too long for the voting people. If the only way the public can combat being led by a leader they see as unfit is during an election season, then they should have a right to change who they are led by efficiently and quickly without being held against their will.

We need to see a change happen in our country that allows for people to combat political stagnation and gridlock. There is no way to make actual progress in our country if we are stuck in a political standstill. Also, let us be honest: there is no point in having a congress if they cannot get anything done.

Political stagnation is something that no country should have to go through, especially one with as many elections as the United States. Hopefully someday soon, we can fix this continuing problem that causes so many people across our country to suffer.


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