Inside those who support Donald Trump


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Teresa Dale
 Staff Writer

I think everyone can agree that this election cycle has been anything but conventional. We the people have had to sort through more scandals, more lies, and more biased media reports than ever before. A lot is on the line as the next president will be deciding what happens with Obamacare, electing a new supreme court judge, and leading our country as we are on the cusp of an ideological turning point.

At the beginning, hardly anyone took Donald Trump seriously. People laughed because they thought he had absolutely no chance at winning the presidency. Now, as election day is only weeks away, and Trump is the Republican Nominee, no one is laughing.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of connotations that come with being someone who supports Donald Trump. Everyone is passionate about who they’re supporting, but a lot of voters immediately write off Trump supporters as racist, sexist, or ignorant. This is an insolent and unfortunate assumption.

For a lot of Trump supporters, it isn’t actually Trump whom they support, but his policies. It doesn’t matter so much that he says some things that are crude, because they would vote for whomever was in his position simply because their beliefs align with Republican policies. Policies that are built on small government, low taxes, and support of the second amendment. To these voters, the policies are much more important than anything Trump could say.

There is also a phenomenon happening. A movement that predates Trump, but has no doubt been lead by him as of late. A movement that wants to push back against the system, push back against overly-political correctness, and steer America back towards a more conservative and traditional standpoint. These are the sorts of things Donald Trump has been pushing for, and because he is able communicate this message in such a common sense manner, a lot of people are drawn to him.

Jonathon Bowman, a business student at UNCG, said that he has been on the Trump Train from very early on in the primaries. He says that one of the biggest reasons he supports Trump is that he is fighting back against the political elite who’ve only done what is in their best interest instead of what is in the best interest of the people. Jonathon also said that most other issues pale in comparison when our national security is facing a group as determined as ISIS, and Trump has been unapologetic in his determination to take them down.  

Though Jonathon has no qualms about voicing his opinions, he can see why some students might be scared to tell their peers that they’re voting Trump in November. He said that coming out as a Trump supporter can lead to some harsh feedback, especially on a campus where it seems so many hate him.   

It’s hard to stick to your beliefs when it seems that you will be hated if you voice them. It can be particularly frustrating because a lot of professors and peers seem to constantly voice their opinions against Trump and for Clinton, and it’s intimidating to want to voice anything opposing that.

Donald Trump announced that he was running for president in June of 2015, and that honestly seems like a lifetime ago. It feels like the nominees have been campaigning for years, and it has all gotten to be a bit draining. The media has been relentless, the scandals have been non-stop, and people just can’t seem to stop proclaiming their opinions from the rooftops. As election day draws nearer though, there are bound to be some things that both sides have been holding on to. These last few weeks will surely be the most interesting and significant yet, so even though it may be exhausting after all this time, we have a responsibility to stay informed.

November 8 will be the day we finally decide who will be the next President of the United States of America, and voting is one of the most important things we can do as citizens. It is everyone’s duty to get to the polls and not only vote for the President, but for local officials as well. So whether you’re voting for Clinton, Trump, third party, or you’re writing someone in, don’t let your voice be unheard, get out and vote!

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