SGA Senate discusses new bill, student misconduct

Jayce Shore
  Staff Writer


The UNCG Student Government Association (SGA) met on Tuesday, October 11 to discuss a new bill as well as student misconduct.

The meeting officially opened with a moment of silence for Austin May, a former senior in Kinesiology who died in a car crash last weekend. A vigil was held last Wednesday to honor his life. Counselors are available for individual appointments at the counseling center for those dealing with grief.

Senate bill 94-02 was approved and passed, allowing the finance committee to pay for a club or student group’s travel costs and other expenses. The offer will not be extended to sports clubs, and is limited to student groups that have applied and been accepted.

So far at least eight student groups have come in to apply and, since the process is new, groups are asked to clarify certain questions asked on the application. Two groups have clarified so far, six have yet to do so.

The application process runs on a first come first serve, case to case basis and currently has a budget of $50,000 allocated yearly, specifically for the needs of travel expenses. Applications are approved on a rolling basis and more student groups and clubs will be contacted. The money also goes towards registration for events and other expenses fitting within the requirements.  

Club sports are not covered due to yearly gear expenses and a separation between the allocations of funds between the SGA and the sports council. The financial committee chairman has two votes in the sports council’s allocation process. The clubs are expected to work things out by themselves as they have the knowledge as to their equipment and financial needs.

During the meeting, attorney general Antonio Southern commented on a need for an increased sense of professionalism after showing a crime meter sorted by student year.

“We have our freshman at 15 (crimes), our sophomores at three, and juniors at three, seniors at two, graduate students at zero.” Southern explained.

On an earlier slide, there was a breakdown of crimes committed around campus for the week between the third and the ninth.

“Disturbances breaking the peace in our community, that was one,” Southern said. “Disorderly conduct was four. Facilitating inappropriate behavior was one. Failure to apply direction to university officials was two. Misuse of identification cards was one. Residence hall discord and harassment was two. Violation of university policies: three. Violation of university policy involving alcohol was seven. Regarding drugs was eight. Violation of state laws that affect the university community was four.”

The SGA meets every Tuesday from 7-8 the UNCG Maple or Cone rooms.

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