The Aftermath of Hurricane Matthew



Maryam Mohamed
 Staff Writer

NORTH CAROLINA- From September 28 to October 10 Hurricane Matthew pummeled the Atlantic area, causing damage and loss of life to Haiti, the United States, the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic, among others.

The catastrophic effects of Hurricane Matthew continue to plague the southeastern United States, where 43 lives were lost. Flooding and other hurricane-related problems still threaten North Carolina.

So far, 26 people have died in North and South Carolina combined, 12 in Florida, three in Georgia and two in Virginia.

Although the death tolls are less substantial in the US than in the island nations, many communities still continue to suffer from the repercussions of this calamity. Communities are dealing with problems ranging from beach erosion to flooding to power outages.

In a thursday press conference NC Governor Pat McCrory stated that seven counties had been approved for federal government assistance. He then added that an additional 34 counties had received orders for federal public assistance, which will help local governments with damage repairs.

“Already, the federal government has distributed $2.6 million to disaster survivors,” McCrory stated. “Over 4,000 residents have registered for federal aid and approximately 3,400 people were in one of the 43 shelters throughout the state.”

Later in the conference, McCrory stated that on Monday October 17 1,500 people remain stranded in Lumberton.

“North Carolina is resilient, our people are strong and we are going to get through this together,” McCrory said. “This storm is still impacting people in a big way. You have got to see it to believe all the devastation that has occurred.”

In addition to the turmoil that was inflicted onto the United States, other places such as Haiti have suffered severe damage and loss of life.

Edma Desravine, a 71-year-old grandfather, has been missing for two weeks in Haiti, reported the Jamaican Observer. Family members and neighbors have searched through debris, riverbank wreckages, and rubble to try to find Desravine.

“It pains me that I can’t say goodbye properly,” said his daughter Bernadette Desravine to the Jamaican Observer. “But I believe I will see him again in heaven.”

The death tolls reported by the government state that 546 people are dead and 128 people are missing. The government thinks these statistics can be higher, as some areas of the wreckage have not been fully scouted.

Edma Desravine, the missing grandfather, is one of 10 people who disappeared from the foothills across a rushing river from Port-a-Piment when Hurricane Mathew hit.

Haiti international aid workers are working on providing relief supplies to civilians, but local authorities in Haiti say that they are falling short of meeting their desperate needs.

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