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Harrison Phipps
  Staff Writer 

I am going to say it outright in the beginning, and if you do not like it you are free to stop reading. You should hear me out, however. Between the two coffee shops on Tate Street, I prefer Coffeeology over Tate Street Coffee House (TSCH). I want to emphasize I have nothing against these businesses, but speak from the perspective of a coffee lover who knows what he likes.

There are many I know that would seek to burn me at the stake for saying such a thing, and frankly I will say that the level of rivalry that some people take this to is a bit much. While one’s choice of coffee shop is the biggest decision some will make in their day, maybe we take this a bit too far.

The reason I go to coffee shops is to get work done and enjoy a good cup of coffee. Environment is a factor, but if I am zoning out and writing a news article, as I am now — ironically in a different coffee shop — it’s largely irrelevant.

That said, I go to coffee shops for a particular purpose. I normally don’t go to socialize or see live entertainment, which, I will say TSCH is great for — save that the live music is generally deafening in such a small space. Nonetheless, TSCH has a reputation for being the dark, art-filled chatterbox, and if I want that — and I do occasionally, I go there.

Coffeeology has a much less cluttered interior and is more focused on providing coffee than providing an environment to socialize in. Although I always charge my laptop before going to a coffee shop, I have never run into the problem of not being able to sit near an outlet.

On top of that, Coffeeology has a much cleaner, distraction-free environment that makes working easier. Also, because many more of my friends go to TSCH, I have a smaller chance of getting into a distracting conversation.

So, looking specifically at the quality of coffee and drinks, I prefer Coffeeology over TSCH. I only speak from my own experience when I say that I have received more burnt coffee and stale espresso from TSCH.

To many, this might not be a big deal, and they may not be able to taste the difference between a “strong” and a burnt cup of coffee, or tell that the espresso sat for too long before being topped with milk. When you go to a coffee shop, this will happen eventually if you go enough times, and it has at both, but it certainly has occurred far more frequently to me at TSCH.

If I were to receive a good drink from both, then I would have to hand it to TSCH, they make ordering a specialty drink much easier, setting it aside from the otherwise cluttered menu; this is in contrast to Coffeeology, which is not as friendly to those who don’t already know what they like. They have a few specialty drinks listed, and some are a bit more creative, but to someone just coming in, they lack accessibility to what makes Coffeeology special.

All of this is to say that I have a preference in coffee shops primarily based in the atmosphere provided and the quality of coffee served. By no means am I saying that either of these coffee shops is the best in all of Greensboro, something that I myself am not quite settled on. However, between the two, I have a much stronger preference for Coffeeology over TSCH.

Once again, I know this “feud” brings out the worst in us, but it is important to remember — and it pains me to say this —  there is more to life than coffee. There are many more important divisions in our society that we should focus on rather than where we like to get our coffee.

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