GGNA discusses bond referendum, Steelman Park improvements

Zachary Weaver
  News Editor

The Greater Glenwood Neighborhood Association (GGNA) met on Thursday, November 3 to discuss the bond referendum and improvements to Steelman Park.

Kristin Cooper delivered the treasurer’s report, stating that the recent Fall Festival was costly, but worth it for the community outreach.

Secretary Beth Thomas’s report on the Fall Festival echoed Cooper, reiterating that the cost was justified by community outreach, and stated enthusiasm for future iterations.

“The festival, despite being a financial disaster, was great,” Thomas said. “We hope to do it next year, and to continue to do it.”

Representatives from the Greensboro City Parks & Rec Department and Water Resources Department delivered an update on Steelman Park improvements. Progress was noted to have been slow, largely owing to the departments’ careful examination of how restoration would affect the stream.

The park is currently undergoing a stream restoration, which involves remeandering the stream to reduce erosion, rebuild its banks, and restore its floodplain.

Improvement efforts will also include table improvements and the additions of outdoor fitness, bike racks, and a shade shell.

The stream will look ‘wild’ for several years following its initial restoration efforts, as vegetation must be allowed to grow. The entire process is estimated to take 10-15 years, during which streamside plants like willows and silky dogwoods will take root to keep the streambanks in place. During this time mowing is not allowed, and vigilance will be needed to prevent intrusion by invasive species.

Greensboro City Finance Director Larry Davis discussed details regarding the bond referendum on the November election ballot, laying out fund distribution, financing, and each segment’s nuances.

There are four separate referenda: Housing, Community & Economic Development, Parks and Recreation, and Transportation.

The Housing bond consists of funding for working class home ownership programs, rental home rehabilitation, emergency repairs in case of poisonous materials, and special needs homes. It will also improve buildings’ handicapped accessibility and allow for code compliance repairs.

The Community & Economic Development bond will provide money for downtown street improvements, including new landscaping, sidewalks, and lighting. It will also improve stormwater, sewage, and water lines for select parts of Greensboro, as well as low-to-mixed income housing in Ole Asheboro and the Martin Luther King Jr. Drive redevelopment area.

The Parks and Recreation bond will improve public parks, including Barber Park, Gateway Gardens, Steelman Park, and the Battlefield Parks District. It will also complete Phase 4 of the Downtown Greenway, create a bike share program, and extend the Atlantic & Yadkin Greenway by two miles.

The Transportation bond will focus on improving on and adding to sidewalks, intersections, transit, and bus shelters. It will also allow for street resurfacings.

Katrina Jackson presented on the Manna House of Coliseum Blvd Church of Christ, stating a need for more food donations from outside the church community. They hope to give a full Thanksgiving meal to five families in Greensboro.

Jackson also discussed Little Food Pantries, which hold food for needy individuals. Five new pantries have been approved, but only one has found an accommodating property.

Students interested in donating can contact Katrina Jackson at, or by work phone at 336-570-6547.

The GGNA will next meet on Thursday, January 5 at 7 p.m. in the Glenwood Recreation Center, 2010 Coliseum Blvd, and will be open to the public.

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