SGA discusses resumes, athletics and updates in tuition and fees


Jayce Shore
   Staff Writer

UNCG- The SGA met in the Cone Ballroom on October 31, to discuss business and reports from around the UNCG community.

The meeting officially opened with vice president Sajin Chhabra announcing an aforementioned resume workshop lead by Eren Ressler, a UNCG student who currently works in the career center.

“I’ve used my vice presidency and my positions as finance chair on my resume and it lead to a lot of fruitful conversations with employers and a lot of examples of my process oriented experience and a lot… is covered through student government,” Chhabra said. “The reason you can look at it to be here is to improve yourself and to engage in experiences, so that you can move on and share these experiences with other people which are typically gonna be employers who are looking to hire you.”

After the workshop, President Joseph B. Graham began his reports.

Graham’s first report was on his meeting with the athletic community last Wednesday in which he learned that more athletes wanted to be involved in activities on campus.

“I was very surprised by that because my remarks were sort of the same thing. It would be nice to have more athletes a part of student groups or something if they have the time.” Graham said in response to his findings.

Graham also has an upcoming meeting this Friday with Kim Record, the athletic director at UNCG to help bridge the gap between athletes and non-athletes.

After later reports on the SGA banquet and a possible Legacy video viewing meeting, Chhabra gave his update report on tuition and fees.

“In the next two weeks, Robert Walker will be coming to update SGA for some possible new fees for people with parking permits. Also, I will be presenting information about transportation costs for UNCG.”

Chhabra mentioned the motion to suggest $975 thousand dollars and $554 to be sent to the Chancellor for approval of the tuition and fees, this having been motioned during the SGA’s last meeting on the Wednesday before. Chhabra stated that $400 of the money is for retention of faculty, due to other universities having more competitive pay rates.

“We’re trying to be more competitive as a university and I know that fees will be incurred, but… once they are incurred at a certain rate, they stay fixed… These fees will apply only to the freshman,” Chhabra said. “and the incoming freshman will experience the same tuition and fees for all four years..This model has been tried at other universities with varying results but a legislator has told us that this is the model we will follow so we’re going to try.”

The SGA meets every Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the EUC’s Cone or Maple rooms, and is open to the public.

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