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Teresa Dale
  Staff Writer

Nintendo is the most iconic name in the game industry, and if you are a part of their devoted fan base, then you have a reason to get excited. A two-day convention and video game tournament series, created to celebrate all things Nintendo, is happening in Downtown Greensboro at the Elm Street Center on November 19 and 20.

Geeksboro Coffee & Beverage Company, together with Mixed Tape Enterprises, is hosting Super Famicon, a convention specifically dedicated to Nintendo. Fans of all ages are invited to participate in game tournaments, competitions, live music, raffles and crafts. There will also be plenty of vendors, video game dealers, artists and more.

Super Famicon will have everything you expect from a convention, which obviously means there has to be cosplay. Conventions like this one are the perfect excuse to embrace your inner Pikachu or Bowser. There will be plenty of cosplaying happening with Super Famicon’s Nintendo-themed cosplay competition, so don’t be afraid to get dressed up as your favorite character and possibly win a prize.

The convention will also host a series of video game tournaments for top players from across the region to compete for cash. Players will compete in classic hits like “Super Smash Brothers” and “Mario Kart.” If you have ever played either of these games, then you know just how intense the competition can get with them. But even if you’re not very skilled with a controller, or you tend to throw them in fits of rage from losing, competitions can still be plenty of fun just spectating. There will also be high score competitions and speed-runs to participate in as well.

“Super Smash Brothers Melee” is widely considered Nintendo’s most competitive game. It’s been around since 2001, yet it still has an enormous current player base. It has maintained its popularity due to its unique player on player action, which has nearly unlimited combat combinations. It is such a limitless and competitive game that people host worldwide competitions just so they can win the prestigious honor of being the best. Even though Super FamiCon is a local tournament, winning might still be considered something to brag about.

With games like “Super Smash Brothers Melee”, Nintendo has evolved into one of the top game companies in the world since their first venture into video games in the mid 70s. They started off in Japan, but quickly became a worldwide phenomenon due to the charming quality of their games. Their stories and characters carry emotional depth, but still maintain a sense of levity  appropriate for everyone.

Nintendo has marketed themselves as being one of the most imaginative and family-oriented companies out there. Their games are seamlessly designed, and even complex at times, but despite that maintain a relatively simple interface. This, along with their unique sense of appeal, makes Nintendo a stark contrast to other companies like Sony and Microsoft.  

They are also known for creating immersive gaming experiences that have continued play value after their first completion. Games like “The Legend of Zelda”, “Metroid” and “Luigi’s Mansion.”  These games are not only some of the most fun to play, but they’re the type of games that are still engaging after they’re beaten.

This strategy has been essential in keeping the video game company alive and well. Nintendo’s fans keep coming back because Nintendo tugs at certain strings of nostalgia. There is now a whole generation of adults that have grown up playing Nintendo games, and this is the same generation that still plays them today.  

Super Famicon is here to celebrate one of the most respected game companies in the world. It is brought to you in part by Geeksboro, Greensboro’s local arty hangout for coffee, brews and movie snacks. This is a place that always has something interesting going, so it is no surprise that they are helping host this convention.

Nintendo has managed to amass a following that is both extremely dedicated, and extremely diverse. People of all ages from every part of the world love Nintendo. The diversity of their fan base demonstrates how greatly Nintendo has been able rise above barriers and appeal to people from different cultures. If you are a part of the Nintendo family, Super Famicon is bound to be something you don’t want to miss.

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