Anti-Trump protests at UNCG and nationwide

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Jack Payton & Zachary Weaver
  Staff Writer and News Editor

In the wake of the Presidential election, protests have taken place across the nation in response to Trump’s victory in the electoral race, lasting five days and showing no signs of slowing, in a size and scope unprecedented since the election of Abraham Lincoln.

Protests have occurred in Los Angeles, Portland, and even at Trump Tower itself, with the first protest starting Wednesday during the election outside the New York building.

One such protest was held on UNCG campus on Friday, November 11, at which students gathered to protest the proposed policies of the president-elect, as well as support minorities in the election’s aftermath. The gathering remained peaceful, with brief appearances by Trump supporters.

“We can’t just sit by and let all this hate surround us, and go on,” student protester Autumn Toler said.

The protest took the form of speeches by protesters interspersed by chants, like ‘Not My President,’ ‘No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA,’ and ‘Love Trumps Hate.’ It also drew a variety of attendees, with students of diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and religious affiliations appearing to participate.

“The future may look bleak,” student protester Christian Chi said, “but we have to remember that we’re all people, we have to make our voices heard.”

Protesters stated they, regardless of the results of the election, would not support Trump nor his policies. Many protesters had either not voted in the election, or had voted for a third party, and many did not want Hillary elected instead, but all were outraged that Trump is the President-elect.

The reasons for their anger varied, but protesters stated they feared Trump would enact deportations, cut funding Planned Parenthood, restrict access to birth control and abortion, and overturn same-sex marriage. One of the protestors, Kimie Lue, said, “We need to protest what we believe to be a disturbing turn in politics this week. My son is here because this is the future. Trump stands for so many things I find abhorrent, and we won’t sit down when he wins. We stand for what we believe in.”

Lisa Harris, daughter of a Holocaust survivor, spoke negatively regarding Trump as well, stating “I know hate.”

Trump’s initial response to the protests was a tweet stating “Just had a very open and successful presidential election. Now professional protesters, incited by the media, are protesting. Very unfair!” This was in reference to previous allegations he made during the election of the Clinton campaign paying people to protest at his rallies.

Shortly after, he made a new tweet “Love the fact that the small groups of protesters last night have passion for our great country. We will all come together and be proud!”

Most of the protests have remained peaceful, though the Friday protest in Los Angeles ended with the arrests of almost two hundred individuals, and gatherings in Portland have turned into riots, with similar incidents in New York and other locations across the nation.

Protesters confirmed they plan to continue their assemblies up to and including the inauguration to ensure their voice is heard. Julius Blue, a student at UNCG, stated, “This is legit one of the worst that could happen in this election, all my friends are out protesting because of it so their voices can be heard. At least it’s not Pence.”

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