Horoscopes 11/16/2016


Choking hazard: chew your pride before you attempt to swallow it. Taste your pride, roll it over your tongue, consider it carefully.


You will fight and fight and fight, until your hands forget how to be gentle.


Make up your mind. Write it down, forget about it for a few days, and then decide again.


Take the time to look around you, memorize people’s faces. They will not be the same tomorrow. Neither will you.


You will find yourself driven by failure. Hurry. Keep running. It might catch up.


You can see everything, how it all comes together. You will freeze in a vast and shapeless fear.


Everyone adores you. No one knows who you are. Smile wide.


As you work to self-improve, make sure to leave some parts behind. Pack them away carefully, in case you someday want to return.


Choose your words carefully. Their interest is waning, and you have to aim well.


Take a break. The dizzying universe won’t fall apart. You might, but that’s alright.


Congratulations! Your trial period of emotion has expired, please indicate if you would like to renew.


Nothing bad will touch you, but nor will anything good. Harden your skin and your heart, embrace perfection.

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