SGA meeting sells audience on new programs

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Sarah Kate Purnell
 Staff Writer

On Tuesday, Nov. 8, the UNCG Student Government Association met in the EUC Maple Room to discuss the UNCG Sales institute, SGA constitution changes, and recent meetings with university officials.

To start the night, UNCG Bryan School professor and head creator and founder of UNCG’s Sales Institute, John Chapman, gave a special presentation for the members of SGA. The presentation included information pertaining to the importance of sales has in any career field, an overview of the UNCG Sales Institute and the many courses that will be available to students within the Institute.

Chapman stated that few colleges teach sales, and that it was a unique aspect to the UNCG Sales Institute opportunity.

“Skill development, for any job, whether you want to be a nurse, a doctor, lawyer, or a psychologist, these are all the critical skills we are teaching in the Sales Institute.” Chapman stated, “These are all the things that we encourage our students to learn.”

“You have to sell yourself to get into any role” SGA Vice President Sajin Chhabra explained, “so, the classes you would be taking, as far as this institute, would be very helpful for you.”

SGA President Joseph B. Graham gave several reports highlighting his recent activities and meetings. Such meetings included ones with UNCG Director of Athletics Kim Record, Chancellor Gilliam, and the SAC. A large portion of the report was dedicated to explaining the plans to bridge the gap between students and alumni.

SGA Vice President, Sajin Chhabra gave reports pertaining to University tuition and fee increase. More information to discuss these increases will be available at a forum in the EUC on Nov. 16 and 17.

Chhabra also explained a recent revision to the SGA Constitution. In a result of this revision, the number of student senate members will be decreasing. This change is expected to make the positions more competitive and also improve communication between the senators, officials and the community.

Attorney General, Antonio Southern, then went into more depth about the senate changes and opened the floor for questions pertaining the revised Constitution.

There was much discussion on the topic of Constitution revisions. Many suggestions were made as to how to improve these revisions, the benefits from the revisions, and also, clarification as to what this means for current SGA members.

The SGA discussed plans to possibly resume sponsoring coffee carts in the library during finals.

The end of the meeting was spent dedicated suggestions for SGA, suggestions for upcoming events, activates, future plans or goals, etc.

The next SGA meeting will take place on Tuesday, November 15th in the EUC Cone ballroom at 7 pm, and will be open to the public.

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