UNCG Men’s Soccer Season Recap

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Garrison Pulley
  Staff Writer

The UNCG Men’s soccer season has just recently ended with a second round 5-2 loss to East Tennessee State University in the SoCon playoffs. They finished the season with an 11-7-2 record, along with a 6-4 conference record which would put them in fourth place for the playoffs. The Spartan men’s soccer team’s longest win streak of the season was three games. This was done twice on the season once between September 14-20, and the second time was from October 11 through the 18. Their longest losing streak on the season was only two games in a row on October fourth through the eighth and October 22-25. Their longest streak without a win is three games where they received one loss and two ties on August 28 through September 11.

The Spartans scored 39 goals on the season, which allows them to average 1.95 goals per game. With the amount of shots, they took almost half of them (156) were on target with the goal. The Spartans took a total of 16.6 shots per game, while only allowing 9.9 shots to be taken on them every game. They also had a total of 38 assists on the season and only allowed 14 assists by all other opponents. The team ended with a total of 143 corner kicks taken and finished the season making both of their penalty kicks for the season, but they would also give up five penalty kicks and all five of those were scored as well. For penalties the Spartans had a total of 273 fouls called on them, leading to 26 yellow cards and only one red card to finish off the season.

When looking at the stats the Spartans were a better second half team throughout the season, scoring 24 goals in the second half is double what they scored in the first half with only 12. They also scored 3 goals throughout all overtime periods. But the team’s defense would also fall in the second half as well as they would give up more goals in the second half, 16, than in the first with 10. The Spartans offensive attack stayed strong throughout the game as they took 133 shots total in the first half, and took 179 in the second. While only allowing the opponent to take 76 shots in the first half and 113 in the second. The team would also stay strong during the overtime periods and take a total of 20 shots throughout the overtime periods, while the opponents only took a total of ten shots throughout overtime. The Spartans offensive strength also kept the opposing goalie on his toes as those opponents had 53 total saves in the first half and 61 in the second half. While the Spartans goalie had much smaller numbers with 19 saves in the first half and 33 in the second half.

The blue and gold’s top goal scorer on the season is 6’0” senior, forward out of St. Catherine Jamaica Damieon Thomas. He scored a total of eight goals and not only led the team in scoring but also lead in assists, shots, shots on goal, and game winning goals. Thomas on the season had eight goals, eight assists, 61 shots, 34 shots on goal, and three game winning goals. It’s clear that Thomas is the offensive leader of this team by taking the most shots on the team and beating the person in second place on shots by almost 20. The team’s goalkeeper Logan Rohde played in 18 out of the 20 games on the season and also started all 18 of those game. He tallied a total of 1,656 minutes in goal, 44 saves, a total of 6 shutouts, and 23 goals allowed. He also finished with a 10-6-2 record to help lead the Spartans to the fourth seed in the playoffs.

While the Spartans season did end in a disappointing loss to the number one seed ETSU, with a solid number of young players returning for next year you can hope the Spartans might do about as well as they did this year. But this could be tough because the team is losing some key players at the end of the year, some include; Logan Rohde, Damieon Thomas, Ricky Chavez, and a couple other key players in the rotation. The Spartans had a good 2016 season and, hopefully, will improve come 2017.

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