5 Things I Learned Over Winter Break


Daniel Johnson
Sports Editor


New Year, new semester, time to look back on the past few weeks in the sports world and look forward to what to expect with the information we have. And the past few weeks have given us a cavalcade of stories, upsets, and performances for players and teams from our own Spartans teams to professional levels.


  1. Coaching can do only do so much


Though coaching plays a large role in every sport, at the end of the day, the winner and loser of a competition comes down to the players on the court, field, grounds, track, etc. Duke Blue Devils junior guard, Grayson Allen was given an indefinite suspension for tripping opposing players during games. The suspension was for only one game and despite the public anger, the coaching staff shown to be unable to control the emotional players’ controversial tactics. Another coaching legend, Nick Saban of Alabama football, failed to repeat in the past National Championship, where the Clemson Tigers’ QB had one of the best individual performances in college football history, reminding us that players, not coaches, make the game.


  1. Ronda Rousey is Mike Tyson


Remember a few years back when people seriously considered Ronda Rousey as a viable threat against Floyd Mayweather? Or that she equaled Serena Williams in dominate female athletes? Yeah, after back-to-back one sided losses, that is no longer the case. And thinking about how feared she was at one point to today, her fall mirrors that of Iron Mike Tyson, another fighter that could KO opponents in seconds, but lack something that puts them below some of the true all time greats.


  1. We See You Men’s Basketball


The 2015-16 Men’s Basketball season could not get off to a worse start with losing junior starter, Tevon Saddler prior to the start of the season. Already behind the eight ball, the season was marred with up and down play. A year out and another year with the cast sophomores and juniors, while being headed by the senior duo of RJ White and Diante Baldwin and another year with Wes Miller, the Spartans Men has position themselves a half a game out from the top spot in the SoCon and for what could be the best season under the Miller tenure.


  1. The Conference play will determine the Success of Coach Patterson’s first year


Last year, the Spartans entered the 2016 year and beginning of Conference play with a 9-7 record. They proceeded to not win a single game for the remainder of the season. Now the team have already improved upon losing all their Southern Conference games last year by defeating  Samford last Saturday for their first conference victory. At the end of the day, what happens outside the Conference only pales in comparison to what happens in the SoCon. In her inaugural season at the helm, Trina Patterson’s squad have already shown a large improvements and hopefully, they’ll continue into the rest of the winter.


  1. Sorry LA Football Fans


What’s worse than one terrible football franchise? Two horrible football franchises! The Los Angeles Rams, in their first season back in the City of Angels, played badly enough to make the fans actually go to church on Sunday instead of the LA Coliseum. So if you have the worse team in the NFC, might as well have the worse team in the AFC (actually second, sorry Cleveland). The Chargers have made Los Angeles into their new home and the city is as excited as seeing a piece of wood. LA has been a Raiders town since the 1980s and if any pro team should return, it should be the silver and black. But with the Raiders’ move to Las Vegas looking to become a reality, Los Angeles is stuck with two franchises that’ll probably lose to this year’s USC Trojan roster, the city’s true football team.


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