UNCG Named Top School for Commuters


courtesy of UNCG public relations

Antonio Alamillo
Staff Writer


Recently, UNCG was named to the 2016 Best Workplaces for Commuters (BWC) list as the top university.


The BWC is a prestigious organization that acknowledges the country’s leading employers for the services and accommodations they provide their employees.


At UNCG, the commuter services provided for employees are also used by the students. I vital aspect of a commuter-friendly campus is the capacity to accommodate large amounts of vehicle traffic. There are multiple locations for commuters to park their cars, on and off campus. Parking passes have tiered levels, based on the transportation needs of the UNCG community. E permits allow students to park their car in the E lot and use the Park and Ride program. C permits are used for perimeter lots and parking decks. Commuters can also park off campus at a nearby location and ride the bus to campus fare-free.


Additional benefits include discounted fares for students on PART buses and Amtrak trains, free use of the Spartan Chariot shuttle program, free online access to the Zimride ridesharing network, access to Zipcars on campus, and free emergency rides home for urgent situations.


UNCG also has a bicycle program that includes free registration, basic maintenance, prizes at bike events, and discounts at local bicycle shops. Due to the exceptional program, UNCG was the first school in North Carolina recognized by the League of American Bicyclists as a Bicycle-Friendly University.


Suzanne Williams, Associate Director of Campus Access and Travel Demand Management, works to further transportation accommodations and keep UNCG as a top school for commuters. One of her main priorities is to make the services more environment-friendly.


“Since 2005, UNCG has been changing the culture of our campus to support sustainable transportation alternatives. It’s no longer just about parking anymore. We want students to know they can save money and help the environment by driving less — and walking, biking and riding buses more,” Williams said.


Through numerous modes of transportation and affordable services, Williams and the rest of the Campus Access Management team have work to make UNCG the top school for commuters.


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