Staff Picks – Books

  • Jessica – The Virgin Suicides/Jeffrey Eugenides
    • I wouldn’t consider myself to be an avid reader, but the one book that stood out the most would be Eugenides Virgin Suicides. His writing is the most ethereal, yet blunt piece of literature I have come across.  
  • Teresa – The Host/Stephanie Meyer
    • Upon reading it for the first time as a teenager, I found it weirdly fascinating despite being slow moving. It also opened a door for me as someone who had previously never been interested in sci-fi or anything dealing with aliens.
  • Ross – For the Time Being/Annie Dillard
    • This book confused me, challenged me and changed the way I view human suffering. Written in an unconventional, non-linear style, once actually figuring out how to interpret the book it became a great joy.
  • Annalee – Everday/David Levithan
    • Imagine if a person appeared in a different person’s body and mind every day. Now imagine that person falling in love with someone. Yeah. I know. This book is interesting, exciting and adventurous.
  • Sam – High Fidelity/Nick Hornby
    • An essential read for anyone who loves music or is terrible at relationships (me in a nutshell). The movie adaptation is also fantastic.
  • Matt – Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas/Hunter S. Thompson
    • Because any book that starts out listing off the amount of drugs they planned to consume is a guaranteed page turner.
  • Emily – The First Bad Man/Miranda July.
    • It’s a strange story, but the way July writes is so enticing and vivid to me, and aspects of it have stuck with me and impacted my point of view on life.
  • Chelsea – Suck Less/Willam Belli
    • A how-to guide on getting your life together written by a drag queen. It’s full of crude humor, quick wit and full color pictures if that’s your thing!
  • Jared – The Outsiders/S.E. Hinton.
    • I enjoy it because of how Hinton’s characters face the challenges of growing up and classism.


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