The Beginning of the Tennis Season


Ian Hammock
  Staff Writer


The last week not only marked the beginning of the 2017 spring semester here at UNCG, but also it marked the beginning of the winter/spring tennis season. On the men’s side of the court, the team traveled last Monday to Chapel Hill to take on the Bisons of Bucknell and the No.9 ranked Tar Heels of Chapel Hill. Following those early matches, the team returned home last Sunday afternoon to host Troy at Piedmont Indoor Tennis Center here in Greensboro.

For the women team, they had to wait an extra five days before traveling to Chapel Hill to beginning their season against the Tar Heels and Ball State. In the case for the women, they were unable to take either of the two matches, falling to the hosting, No.2 ranked women Tar Heels in a clean 7-0 sweep and losing to Ball State Sunday afternoon in a 6-1 defeat. The men however, were able to split the opening Chapel Hill matches by beating Bucknell 6-1 in the first match of the season before losing to Chapel Hill in a 7-0 sweep. On Sunday, playing host to Troy, the men won their second match of the season and first home match 4-2.


Mens: UNCG vs Bucknell

In the inaugural match of the 2017 season for the men’s tennis team, the team was able to take an overwhelming first victory of the season. Other than a 6-3 doubles defeat between the Bisons’ Bryan Adams and Timber Erskine defeat Spartans senior Warren Bryan and junior Logan Walker, the Spartans took the rest of the double matches, with victories from the duel teams of junior Connor Thompson and Freshman Marcus Vidgren and redshirt senior William Albright and freshman Jake Burkill.

In the singles matches, like the doubles, the blue and gold took all but one of the six matches. Freshman Daniel Hammarstedt saw his only action a 6-3, 3-6, 6-3 victory over the Bisons’ Bryan Adams.


UNCG vs. No. 9 UNC Chapel Hill

In their second match of the season, the Spartans were overpowered by the hosting Tar Heels with a 7-0 defeat. However, the standout match of the day that had to be discuss was the 6-1 (13-11), 4-6, 1-0 match between Chapel Hill’s Jack Murray and UNCG’s William Albright. Another standout match was the doubles competition played by Warren Bryan and Logan Walker, that remained 5-5 before it was ended.


UNCG vs. Troy


In their first home match, the Spartans took the indoor courts of Piedmont Indoor Tennis Center as their de facto home as rain fell all weekend. Inside the friendly and dry compounds, the Spartans were able to take a 4-2 victory from the day and the visiting Trojans. In the team’s three victories in the single competitions, all the wins came from hard fought, three set matches. In the cases of Warren Bryan and Marcus Vidgren, the wins came after falling in the first sets of their respected single matches. Bryan also won his double match from the day 6-4.

After the week long series of matches, the Spartan men will be out of competition for a while. The team’s next match does not come until Tuesday, February 21 when they travel to square up against Campbell.


Women: UNCG vs. No. 2 Chapel Hill

Like their male counterparts, the blue and gold struggled against the home, ranked Tar Heels. Chapel Hill did not surrender a loss in a set and took the Spartans home opener 7-0. Sophomore Nancy Bridges and senior Masey DeMoss did put up the best games in their own singles competition, pushing the Chapel Hill players in the first set before falling 6-4. However, both would fall in the second sets 6-1 to Maggie Kane and Makenna Jones of UNC Chapel Hill.


UNCG vs. Ball State

In their second match of the season, a Spartan player was able to squeeze out a win for the first of the winter/spring season, but the team as a whole still fell in defeat 6-1. The standout match came at the hands of juniors Alice Taylor and Corinne Blythe. Taylor’s 6-2, 6-2 defeat of Carmen Blanco gave the Spartans their first victory of the season and her first win as a Spartan.

Unlike the men, the next women’s  match won’t be a month away. The team is to play host to UNC Asheville on Saturday, February 4 at the Tennis Courts.

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