Vermin Supreme Victory Tour to stop at UNCG


Chelsea Korynta
   Staff Writer

WUAG and Voice of Pizza artist management are excited to present political candidate and performance artist Vermin Supreme to UNCG on January 26th.

Mr. Supreme is known for his trademark boot-hat that he claims “stands for all that is good in America,” and his platform earned him fourth place in the New Hampshire Democratic primary in 2016. He’s been campaigning for president since 2004, and gains more and more attention with each race. This performance is a part of Supreme’s “Victory Tour,” perhaps as a nod to the recent tour of president-elect Donald Trump. Whether you consider his platform silly, satirical or a legitimate voice for your political alignment, this event features a one-of-a-kind personality.

Vermin Supreme’s most notable and memorable platform points are simple and straightforward: tooth brushing is to be mandatory, plans will be enacted to prepare the country for the upcoming zombie apocalypse, time travel research shall be funded for the purposes of killing baby Hitler and a pony shall be awarded to every American citizen. Supreme became an internet meme after the 2012 election cycle, where his speech at the Lesser Known Candidates Debate went on YouTube and racked up over six million hits.

My personal favorite stunt of Mr. Supreme has to be his glitter-bombing of the alleged anti-gay politician Randall Terry at the aforementioned debate. While some might identify with Vermin Supreme for his humorous, light take on the often-complicated and frustrating world of political conversation, others note honesty in his performance that serves to mock the corruption in the system. Are fans of Mr. Supreme supposed to take his pony promise seriously, or recognize a commentary on politicians and false promises?

Mr. Supreme let us see what was under the boot when he discussed his actual political beliefs in 2008 as part of a promotional video. Admitting that he is a Republican with views drifting toward anarchism. He believes in a society that allows for citizens to care for one another, eliminating the need for a central government. In a quote concerning modern education, Supreme said that schools are teaching in a “very twisted and jingoistic fashion”. This has led to Americans losing their sense of how to function as citizens, and often attacks political groups such as Libertarians and even his own Republican Party.

Opening for Vermin Supreme is musical comedian and fellow Boston-native Rob Potylo. Potylo produced and appeared in an ongoing cable and online series about Boston’s artists and musicians in a city of skyrocketing cost of living titled “Quiet Desperation.” He also appeared in the 2014 documentary, “Who Is Vermin Supreme? An Outsider Odyssey,” where he was portrayed as Supreme’s protege. He’s been in comedy bands with members of Unearth, Killswitch Engage and Andrew WK under the stage name Robby Roadsteamer.

The event starts at 7:30pm at the Cone Ballroom of UNCG’s Elliott University Center. This is an entirely free event for all community members! To find out more about Vermin Supreme, you can check out the event on Facebook or visit

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