Coraddie Release Party


Teresa Dale
  Staff Writer

This past Friday UNCG’s art and literature publication, the “Coraddi”, celebrated the release of volume 119.1. The publication was met with a gathering in the Gatewood Studio Arts Building where students and alumni gathered for a first look at the magazine. Free copies of the magazine were distributed alongside, crafts, pizza and music by DJ Alvin Shavers.

The “Coraddi” is a place for UNCG students and alumni to submit their best art and literature pieces. It is a great opportunity for students to gain exposure and have works published in a century old publication.

All the entries are reviewed and voted in by separate art and literature staffs. The “Coraddi” staffs are made up of UNCG students and entries are open to everyone from art and literature students, to nursing and business majors. The staff meetings are the best way to voice your opinion on the pieces you think should be put into each edition, and to defend your own work when it is put up for evaluation.

The “Coraddi” was first published on March 15, 1897 under the name “State Normal Magazine” to provide news in relation to the State Normal and Industrial College (the former name of UNCG). In 1919, the magazine was renamed “Coraddi” in honor of its founders: the Cornelian, Adelphian and Dikeian Literary Societies. During this time, its purpose expanded to include both art and literary works.

Accepting submissions from current UNCG students and from Alumni, the competition to be featured is not limited to just your peers. Getting into the “Coraddi” is an honor, and something to proudly put on your resume.

When submitting to other similar publications, there is usually some fee involved, but submitting to the “Coraddi” is a completely free process. And even though the voting staff has a high standard for what actually gets into each edition, submitting is always encouraged for all levels and forms of talent. This provides a safe place for amateur art and literary work to be both evaluated and celebrated

Even if you have no work to submit, the “Coraddi” is a welcoming community where students can come together to discuss art and literature. They often do events throughout the semester, like staff meetings, release events, booths, and various types of workshops. So even if you don’t actually submit any work, there are plenty of ways to get involved.

If you have no interest in that, picking up a free copy is still a fascinating way to get to know your peers. It gives insight to what kind of topics and concepts UNCG students are delving into, and it is a real way to experience the diversity that our campus has to offer.

Over the years, “Coraddi” has been published in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, ranging from small magazines to large books. Editions are released biannually, so there is always another chance to submit. Each edition is celebrated with a release party hosted by the magazine’s promotional team.

Free editions of Volume 119.1 will be available all around campus, so pick up your copy before they are all gone!

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