I’m waiting for a Pence presidency

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Sarah Swindell
  Staff Writer


It feels like I am swearing when I say, “President of the United States Donald Trump”. It hurts my heart to think about it, but it’s a reality I cannot deny any longer.  It has not even been long since the inauguration of President Trump, and already the presidency is in hot water.

From the blatant lies about trivial topics to the pending lawsuits many seem to forget about, this presidency is a ticking time bomb ready to implode. It is not just one bomb either, but layers that could cause a cascade of implosion if a single one were to erupt.

Where does one begin with all the varying paths to destruction for President Trump, let’s start with the obvious lies. Actually all the problems sum up to being dishonest, Trump and his administration have been consistent here.

There has been the aforementioned inauguration lie in regards to the crowd sizing that I really do want to waste my precious word count on. We’ve all heard from the White House that the grounds were the biggest ever with no actual evidentiary support.

However, the serious issue is the determination to prove this falsehood, showing how the credibility of this new administration is increasingly lacking. When someone lies about something so arbitrary and calling upon artificial evidence to support the claim, how can that individual or even that group ever be trusted again?

It is the same, he swears up and down he is safe distance from his company, but legally he has not divulged enough of his financial information to set all worries of constitutionality to rest. The ethics lawyers once employed by Barack Obama and George W. Bush have even teamed up to call Trump out.

Obama’s lawyer Eisen has been quoted by NPR saying the connections to the Trump business empire are “frankly and nakedly unconstitutional”. He continues, “It is extraordinary that we’ll have a president who is violating the constitutional conflicts clause, the so-called Emoluments Clause, as soon as he takes the oath of office.”

If this remains, the case for impeachment exists right there. The case is small and hollow, but it is technically there. Still, Trump thrives on the lie as he claims it to be foolishness and falsehoods.

The idea of Donald Trump calling someone else a liar goes to the defamation case between Trump and Summer Zervos that was filed this month. According to the Washington Post on January 17, 2017, the case describes her claim of Trump sexually assaulting her as he tried to coerce her into sex.

The lawsuit however is about the response President Trump gave as he invalidated such claim, (and as the lawsuit is labeled) defaming her for coming forth with such an allegation.

The same weakness lies in his defense of never revealing his tax returns, swearing he cannot because of audits and other shallow excuses. For some reason, President Trump thinks the tradition since Nixon does not apply to him, but history can give us an idea of what he is hiding.

Once upon a time, in the autumn of 1989, three Trump executives died in a helicopter crash. However, Trump considered this an opportunity for gain.

As acknowledged by Harry Hurt’s biography of Trump ‘Lost Tycoon’ and noted by Huffington Post in a November 2016 article, when asked to comment on the loss of these three executives within hours of their deaths, Trump muted the line to the reporter and told his staff in the room, “You’re going to hate me for this, but I just can’t resist. I can get some publicity out of this.” He did.

He notably exaggerated how he almost was on that helicopter, claiming a near-death experience. He said it was the illumination for divorcing his then-wife Ivana. He made the death of three other men about himself, but the close-call was not even close to the truth.

Trump later admitted the concept of him being on the helicopter was only a fleeting thought as the men were leaving, which isn’t even confirmable. We cannot fact check a man’s thoughts.

After the crash, Trump dealt with pressure to stabilize his company and dealt with the massive amounts of debt accrued. As written in Newsweek in 1990, “For several weeks, sources from several New York City banks confirmed, Trump and advisers have been meeting daily in Trump Tower with about 25 bankers and their lawyers to figure out how to renegotiate much of his hefty $3.2 billion debt.”

Not only did they report on the debt, the Newsweek staff noted, “For months Trump denied that anything was wrong.”

If history illuminates his character, then it only seems right to believe Trump would deny mismanagement and a nation in decline. Trump would particularly do so if he was the one to set it on that path; his ego, that fuels the inauguration tirades and narcissism, would make sure of it.

The accumulation of all these aforementioned allegations makes the security of his presidency look like a tightrope on fire with Trump as an acrobat. One toe out of line and the President will fall faster than Kellyanne Conway can catch him. In that moment, Pence will take office. It will be a dark day, still, when Trump won’t be able to save himself because it will not mean America is safe from radical conservatism. The rest of the entourage will still be in place with Pence.

In the next four years, people across the country will be crossing their fingers and toes for various reason. Millions of them are hoping Trump will fail. As for me, it is not an if… it’s a when.


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