Super Bowl Sunday


Isaiah Saint-Hilaire

  Staff Writer


As the season for the NFL begins to wind down we all stop and think about who will win the big game, the championship, the mother of all wins. While I am sure the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots know very well what they will be doing on Super Bowl Sunday, many of us as fans often question what to do in preparation for the big game. Many students around campus are watching it in the Elliot University Center while others are simply content with staying home in their room and having a few friends come over to enjoy the upcoming championship game.


Throughout the week I roamed around campus and found what students intend on doing for the game on Sunday February 5. It was very interesting to see various answers across campus.


I spoke to a senior named Josiah Smith who is a die-hard Panthers fan and was determined to mention that he was very disappointed in this year’s presentation of teams in the super bowl. He told me that he wanted to just enjoy (what he believes) will be a very high scoring game with his friends in his apartment. He mentioned that they will in fact be “partying up” due to the food and drinks that they will be having socially. He also mentions that he hopes a lot of people show up so that can deter his mind from the simple fact that his Panthers will not be participating in the Super Bowl this year. He said that last year he was really paying attention to the game because his team was playing but that this year he just wants to relax with his friends and see two high-powered offenses go to work on Super Bowl Sunday.


Timothy Smith, another senior, mentioned that he will be spending the day with his father. He and his father always have a tradition of having a nice meal before the game and enjoying the game with chips and dip. He said that he enjoys spending that quality time with his father as he does not have the opportunity to see his father often due to academic commitments. He says (as a Cowboys fan) “I want to see the Atlanta Falcons shock the world by winning this thing”. Timothy mentioned that every time the team that he and his father picks to win his father takes the whole family out to a nice elegant restaurant the day after the Super Bowl. Timothy enjoys that quality time he spends with his family and he emphasized the fact that he looks forward to Super Bowl Sunday.


Another student, a junior named Paul Hicks expressed that he was simply going to spend Super Bowl Sunday in his room and watch it with friends. He said that food was going to be provided and that he was going to have a good time even though his favorite team would not be playing. Just like Josiah, Paul is a Panthers fan and was very frustrated at the season the Panthers had. He wants to sit back and relax since he has no desire for any particular team to win. He said “I just want to see a good high scoring game”. Paul, like many others, wants to see the Atlanta Falcons’ prolific offense take off against the New England Patriots. Paul also mentioned that since his team wasn’t in the Super Bowl, that he could relax and just enjoy the game instead of being anxious watching his team. That was definitely an interesting bright side for a fan to look at regarding his team not being in the playoffs, but some fans do enjoy watching a game in which they do not have worry about.  

As the students I spoke to countdown the days until the big game arrives, they mostly want to enjoy the day without classes and just use it as a day to relax with family and friends. The viewers that are not Patriots or Falcons fans have the benefit of watching a good game and seeing history be made if the Atlanta Falcons can pull this one off. It was interesting to see how many different events the students around campus will be attending. Super Bowl Sunday brings out the fans of the NFL from all across campus at UNCG, so expect campus to be quiet outside while everybody will be inside enjoying their day cheering for their respective teams or simply enjoying a good game.

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