Vermin Supreme holds ‘victory tour’ performance at UNCG

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Jayce Shore
  Staff Writer

Political parody candidate and performance artist Vermin Supreme visited UNCG on January 26 on the last stop of his  “Victory Tour” in promotion of his new book, “I Pony: Blueprint for a New America”.  

Supreme has been running for president since 2004 and has taken part in multiple riots during his career, usually guiding people away from danger and stopping the authorities from taking measures too far.

Supreme was joined onstage by musician Rob Potylo and street performer Matthew Silver. Toast was given out by a student selected from the audience and an excerpt from the new book was read aloud by Supreme with backing guitar from Potylo. Supreme also included a series of songs sung by him, mostly acapella and absurdist in tone.

The documentary “Who is Vermin Supreme? An Outsider Odyssey” was also partially shown , to give newcomers an idea of Supreme’s political history and identity.

At the event, Supreme spoke on his political platform to attendees. These platforms include providing already-employed members of society with a pony of the individual’s choice and traveling back in time to kill baby Hitler, all while enforcing a new law on mandatory toothbrushing and preparing America for the oncoming zombie apocalypse.

“[The pony policy is] my jobs creation program for 100 percent employment. If you are unemployed at the time, you will be conscripted into the Pony Poo Collection Corps of America. We will use all the pony poo to replenish soil that has been depleted,” said Supreme, engaging the environmental issue of loss of topsoil in areas of deforestation and constant farming.

“There will be a federal pony identification system, you must have your pony with you at all times.” Supreme later elaborated on this by answering a question in the audience on if the owners of the pony could choose what type they could have. Supreme answered that the individual could choose what type, color, and other specifications.

Before the event, Supreme also touched on his recent touring schedules, with this being his last stop on his second two-week tour, he felt the need to express his gladness at the audiences he has spoken to.

“We’ve done everything from colleges to bowling alleys to grange halls to do-it-yourself spaces..It has just been a wonderful time and we’ve met so many amazing people,” Supreme said. “I’ve truly been blessed in my career, if you will, at this point, because people are willing to pay a little money to see me. That means so much to me that they come out and they see me and they feel that we have this bond, and we do! I’ve always maintained that I will never be your elected representative in government but I will always be your unelected non-representative outside of government. I truly believe that I am representing my people, my constituents.”

The event ran from 7:30 to 11 p.m., beginning with the documentary ‘Who is Vermin Supreme? An Outsider Odyssey’. The documentary described Supreme’s humble beginnings, having been born in Rockport, Massachusetts to a loving mother, and later to his high school graduation and entrance into politics as he ran for the mayoral positions in several cities.

The documentary also showed his recent participation in riots and his defense of the people involved.

Supreme will run for another presidential campaign in 2020 and will continue his participation in riots and keeping the peace between protesters and police.


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