EUC Super Bowl Party Draws Huge Crowd

Patrick O’Grady
Staff Writer

The UNCG Elliott University Center is a point of reference for students on campus – it is a point of meeting, purchasing books, caffeinating, eating, and socializing. In addition to the abundance of dining options, the connection to the library, and the student government headquarters, the EUC also plays host to countless events throughout the year in its conference rooms. These happenings range from academic departments’ conferences to meeting places for student groups and everything in between. Many UNCG students will remember the Cone Ballroom from the summer before their freshman year. That room was where many SOAR orientation activities took place.

On Sunday, February 5, however, the EUC Cone Ballroom hosted a rather different event. Each year, UNCG Campus Activities and Programs holds a Super Bowl Party. This year was no different. The Super Bowl attracted a packed-to-the-rafters crowd on Sunday night. UNCG CAP hosts different events throughout the semester for students to attend. The Atlanta Falcons-New England Patriots matchup saw a line spill out the door and around the stairs, with those at the front of the line reporting that they had arrived well before the time the doors were meant to open. “I’ve been here for at least thirty minutes,” said Carl, a freshman. Judging from the size of the crowd, that freshman made a wise decision.

As with many UNCG CAP events, free food was provided. In addition, the event served as a great place to meet up with old friends and to make new ones. “I don’t really watch football, but I came with my friends anyway just to watch,” said Jenny, a sophomore who sported a Falcons hat. While some in the crowd were ambiguous, many UNCG students came decked out in jerseys and other items associated with the respective teams. A quick glance at the crowd revealed a group tipped in favor of the Falcons, however New England fans were also in abundance.

The former of these groups of fans would end the night disappointed and more than likely a little shocked following the Patriots’ barnstorming final quarter that brought the game to overtime. Despite the Patriots’ eventual victory, the game had plenty for New England and Atlanta fans alike. The Falcons stripped away from the Patriots early, putting on a massive lead in the opening half. The Patriots would go on to blow this lead up late in the game. For the first time in history, the Super Bowl went into overtime. Following the extended minutes of the game, the final score ended up at Patriots 34, Falcons 28.

Events like the annual CAP Super Bowl party are representative of an active campus life. In addition to the Super Bowl Party, CAP hosts dozens of other similar events throughout the semester. Just since the start of spring semester, CAP had held five events; among these are basketball, bingo, and a hypnotist. All told, CAP will hold twenty events this semester. New for Spring 2017 is CAP’s UNCG Weekends Card. The cards can be picked up at any CAP event, and rewards will be given to students for every five events they attend. In addition, students who attend ten events will be entered for a grand prize drawing at the end of the semester. The next events are a guided painting experience entitled “Paint your heart out!” on February 10 and a showing of the movie ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ the following evening.  

To attend these events and others like them, attendance is free and all you need to bring is your student identification card. For some events, CAP advises that students sign up online, as space is sometimes limited. Events include talks, pool parties, talent shows, acapella, movies, cookouts, and other similar activities. This weekend’s game was a great opportunity for UNCG students to unwind and meet new people. CAP encourages students to attend other events throughout the semester.  


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