Revolution: New Art for a New World

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Matthew Paterson
   Staff Writer

In 1917, Russia was going through a period of strife and change. Their government was in a state of turmoil as revolution began, a revolution that would eventually lead to the up rise of Soviet Russia and the communist party. The transition period was filled with devastation and an instability that shook Russia to its core. The Russian Revolution lasted a grand total of fifteen years, and is one of the building blocks of the Russia we know today.

With every great period of struggle, art is a symbol for hope during a time when all hope seems to be lost. Now, on March 8, the centennial anniversary of the Russian Revolution, Documentarian Margy Kinmonth is releasing her new documentary “Revolution: New Art for a New World“ in select theaters across the United States.

Margy Kinmonth is a BAFTA winning Filmmaker and Documentarian who recently received critical acclaim for her 2014 documentary “Hermitage Released”.  Focusing on the St. Hermitage museum in St. Petersburg that opened its doors for her to film what would end up being a cinematic phenomenon for fans of Russian art, architecture and culture. She is also noted for the BBC series “Naked Hollywood” which won a BAFTA for Best Documentary Series.

“Revolution” analyzes the art that came out of the Russian Revolution 100 years ago. It draws parallels between how similar creative processes are being politically inspired in the tense climate currently looming over the United States. The film will focus in on individual art pieces that come from a variety of Russian institutes such as the State Hermitage Museum, the State Russian Museum and the State Tretyakov Gallery. Along with a variety of contemporary art curators, interwoven are extensive interviews with experts on Russian art and history discussing techniques and style. Getting different perspectives of the descendants of prominent artists of that era such as Chagall, Kandinsky, Malevich and the list goes on.

Kinmonth masterfully brings the art to life as she tells the stories of the artists that helped shape a culture during the stressful 15 years, including the tragedies that befell them by the communist regime. It was during a time where freedom of speech was strictly oppressed by the leaders of the country. Their art could sometimes cost them their life if they rebelled against churches and government to defend their right of expression.

The film features paintings, photo montages and even ceramic works by the artists which were influenced by political events and the communist propaganda.  Kinmonth said on the ingenuity of the artist during that time, “Artists in this tumultuous period of the Russian Revolution created some of the most inventive and brilliant works of art the world has ever known”.

“Revolution: New Art for a New World” was created with support from The Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation founded by Russian businessman and philanthropist Alisher Usmanov.

Acclaimed actors Matthew MacFadyen (Pride & Prejudice, Frost/Nixon), Tom Hollander (The Night Manager, Taboo) and James Fleet (Love & Friendship, Sense & Sensibility) provide the voices of central politicians that were integral to the Russian Revolution.

Aperture Cinema in Winston Salem is one of the select theaters premiering “Revolution: New Art for a New World” on March 8th. Tickets and more information on showtimes and locations for this film are available now at the website

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