SGA works on rebranding UNCG

Maryam Mohamed
  Staff Writer


The Student Government Association met on Tuesday, February 7 to discuss raising UNCG’s public profile.

The meeting featured guest speaker Associate Vice Chancellor, Jeff Shafer. The focus of the meeting heavily pertained to enhancing UNCG’s campus and increasing its North Carolina visibility.


Shafer began his presentation by explaining how UNCG is a school that many do not know much about. Shafer supported his argument by comparing UNCG to other neighboring colleges and allowed the audience to note the disparities.  


“When you picture Chapel Hill, NC State, and even Wilmington, you think of something,” Shafer said. “When you think of UNCG, you don’t really picture anything. If you google our name, the only thing that really comes up is a couple of basketball scores. We need to redevelop our narrative; no knows what we distinctly stand for and we need to change that.”


Shafer stated that prior to landing a job here, he did not really know much about the school or its campus.


“The first time I came onto this campus I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful it was,” Shafer said. “UNCG is a place full of unexpected things; this college has a unique combination of academic excellence and access. We have the best recreational facility in the state, yet no one knows about it and we are going to try and fix that by adding the UNCG logo.”


A few minutes later, Shafer voiced some suggestions that would help improve and embellish the university’s look and feel.  


“We need to figure out what we want to say about ourselves and it has to be true,” he reasoned. “As a campus, we must consider altering the look and feel of the university; we will keep the colors and potentially change the logo. It would be helpful to paint the campus blue and gold rather than NC State red, in order to build a consistent, cohesive brand.”


Jeff Shafer also highlighted the fact that UNCG has three different school logos, which may throw people off. Additionally, he pointed out that the school’s website does not have a very aesthetic look to it, which may be a turnoff to some.


“We have three very different logos that make it hard for us to establish a sense of unity that people can be proud of,” Jeff Shafer stated. “It is essential that we redesign the website, as it looks like a brochure with no ‘share’ buttons at the bottom of our stories.”


Shafer concluded his presentation by thanking all the SGA members, as well as adding some final thoughts to his proposal.


“I really do love this school and I am lucky to be here but I can’t make these changes alone, I need the help of alumni and students,” he concluded.


The remainder of the SGA meeting involved several of the members expressing their own announcements and concerns.


Sophomore Senator Briana Boggan announced that the Student Government Association established a new partnership with the Career Service Center.


“I spoke to those at the Career Service Center about the career fair that UNCG will be hosting on March 1 and we need volunteers,” Boggan stated. “Also, there will be free breakfast to those who volunteer.”


Community Senator Courtney Moore shared her concerns regarding the SGA’s lack of event advertisement and enthusiasm.


“For the SGA’s most recent photo challenge on Instagram, only 5 out of the 30 participated,” Moore said. “Instagram spreads information about events and initiatives, if we fail to be active on it, not many students will show up to our events.”


Moore also added that there would be an event on March 28, help in the Maple room at the EUC.


“This will be a fun day to interact with other students and organizations,” Moore stated.


President Joseph Graham advised SGA members to actively introduce themselves to their classroom peers, while spending a couple of minutes explaining how students can get involved.


“I highly recommend you guys introduce yourself in class that way you can advertise events and recruit new members,” Graham suggested. “These little interactions matter. Find a way to make your position in this organization valuable.”


The SGA meets every Tuesday at 7 p.m. in EUC Maple, and is open to the public.

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