Staff Picks – Albums & This Week in Art History

  • Jared – Kanye West/”My Beautfiul Dark Twisted Fantasy”
    • MBDTF is one of the best albums I’ve had the pleasure of listening to. I went into it with a lot of hype, but also fear – because 808’s wasn’t my jam back then and still doesn’t do much for me. The sound on MBDTF was so strange, but cover to cover it’s one of the most well constructed albums of in the recent history of modern music.
  • Teresa – Panic! At the Disco/”Death of a Bachelor”
    • It’s clever, catchy, and I can’t resist dancing to it.
  • Emily – Sleater-Kinney/ “The Hot Rock”
    • It was the first record I ever listened to straight through by the band, and it completely drew me in and remains my favorite album today because the songs blend so well and the overall sound is so cohesive.
  • Chelsea – Hole/”Live Through This”
    • You don’t have to love Courtney Love to love this album. For fans of gritty, loud, unapologetic female-fronted grunge.
  • Matt – Run The Jewels/”RTJ3”
    • I can’t stop listening to it and “Thursday in the Danger Room” makes me weep like an orphan child.
  • Sam – LCD Soundsystem/”Sound of Silver”
    • James Murphy’s second album tightens his signature dance-punk sound while implementing new emotional ballads such as “New York, I Love You…” and “All My Friends.” His songwriting hits an all time peak with “Someone Great”, an ode to his then recently deceased therapist.
  • Annalee – NF/”Therapy Session”
    • This album depicts the artist’s real struggles as he is facing them head on. This album has such a deep and profound emotional element.  
  • Jessica – Margo and The Nuclear So and So’s/”The Dust of Retreat”
    • The album I keep coming back to since I was a little eighth grader.  I can never pinpoint the band’s genre, with its sad lyrics and somber sound, it’s like a continuous mystery that doesn’t get old.
  • Ross – Ben Folds Five/”The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner”
    • Ben Folds is genius and Robert Sledge might be greatest pop music bass player of the last 30 years. “Narcolepsy” is massive, “Lullaby” is beautiful, and this album has shoutouts to Silas Creek Parkway and James Earl Jones. You just fall in love with it.


This Week in Art History


2/15 – 1941 “Take the A Train” recorded by Duke Ellington

2/16 – 2335 Star Trek The Next Generation character Geordi La Forge’s birthday

2/17 – 2012 “The Help” wins Outstanding Motion Picture from NAACP Image Awards

2/18 – 1564 Artist Michelangelo dies in Rome at age 88

2/19 – 1704 Kabuki actor and pioneer, Ichikawa Danjūrō, is murdered on stage by a fellow actor

2/20 – 1872 Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York opens

2/21 – 1925 “New Yorker” magazine first published


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