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Matthew Paterson
   Staff Writer

Laughter is the oldest medicine known to man. A remedy much needed for the high stress levels that are induced by classes and responsibilities, which can eat away at your sanity bit by bit. Thankfully there is Netflix to save you from the abyss. Specifically their comedy specials that will allow you to relieve all the stress that piles up. Here is a few of comedy specials of note to help relieve you of that long search through the queue.

Reggie Watts has a new special that is also a Netflix original titled “Spatial.” He never gives you something you expect, he shows you something new in his own spin on it that makes his comedy special most unique. Rather than just standing there and telling jokes, he puts on a performance that will have you equally intrigued and rolling on the ground laughing.

Watts employs the use of sounds he creates on stage with a beat machine and looper pedal that he inserts in with sharp comedic timing, keeping the audience on their toes the entire special. If there was ever a category called experimental stand-up, Reggie Watts would without a doubt be in it. You may have heard his name before on a little show called “Comedy Bang Bang” which he used to co-host with Scott Aukerman.

Bill Burr’s comedy special “Walk Your Way Out” is his most recent Netflix endeavor. His ever so cynical outlook on life provides a very no nonsense perspective in a world full of nonsense. He says the things you don’t want to think about, but his Massachusetts accent gives it a charm as he discusses real world problems like overpopulation, dictators and gorilla sign language to name a few.

Bill Burr is also an actor. his credits include” The Heat”, “Breaking Bad” and “Date Night.” He also partnered with Netflix on an animated TV show called “F is for Family” which brings his comedy to the cartoon world set in the 70s. Burr has several other Specials on Netflix: “I’m Sorry You Feel That Way” and “You People Are All The Same”, and his earliest one when he still had hair, “Let It Go.”

Trever Noah, host of the Daily Show, has a fresh special called “Afraid of the Dark.” He speaks of things like his childhood dream of being almost hit by a car in New York and drinking in Scotland. Noah’s child-like awe of how America works keeps you laughing for days as he points out the differences between his homeland of South Africa and the United States. It makes you think of the small things we do every day and how odd that could be to people who are used to other social norms, as we view theirs. His enthusiasm keeps the show alive and spontaneous. Noah has two other stand up shows on Netflix, “You Laugh But It’s True” and “African American.”

John Mulaney, veteran writer of Saturday Night Live, has his 2012 special on Netflix called “New in Town”. His zany voice and very specific observations about the smallest of things makes you giggle incessantly. His delivery is what makes each joke as he tells them.

Stories of his life are also topic of discussion in his special. One in which he discusses a party that got busted by the cops and gives audiences a good way to respond if they’re ever caught in that situation. Slam a bottle of 40 on the ground and scream “SCATTER!” Him saying it is much funnier than me writing it, but none the less it’s a good way to get people moving when the cops show up to the function. He also has a 2015 Special on Netflix called “The Comeback Kid” that is filled with even more gut busting comedy.

So when the day is at its end and you need something to help you decompress kick back, relax and take your daily dose of laughter while you experience new things with Reggie Watts, hate the world with Bill Burr, see America like never before with Trevor Noah and point out the small idiosyncrasies of life with John Mulaney.

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