New NC Democratic Party Chair Talks Goals; Short and Long Term

Timothy Emmerich and Maryam Mohamed
  Staff Writers


The North Carolina Democratic Party has a new Chairman, his name, Wayne Goodwin.


Goodwin will serve in North Carolina for the 2017-2019 term. Previously, he served in four terms in NC’s House of Reps prior to serving as Insurance Commissioner for eight years. Goodwin received 92 percent of the votes cast by local party leaders across the state.


Governor Roy Cooper addressed the state committee by expressing his approval for Goodwin’s incumbency. He then spoke about restoring more balance to the state house by reaching out ro Republicans and unaffiliated constituents.


“What we have to do is get good people to run for office,” Cooper said. “It’s hard to attract good people to run for the legislature,” said Cooper. “But I will personally be recruiting forward-thinking people to run for the state legislature. And we want to get as many of them to run for as many of these seats as possible, so that we can get closer to an even situation in the legislature instead of the super majority Republicans that we have now.”


Goodwin voiced his views on the importance of public education.


“Like for so many folks, a good strong public education and programs created by Democrats helped me succeed in life,” says Goodwin on his official website.


Goodwin has been an involved member of the North Carolina Democratic Party since he was able, and he’s been climbing up the party ranks ever since.


He has held various political leadership positions throughout his life, from being the President of the UNC Young Democrats, up through being the Chairman of the NC Democratic Party’s Rules Committee and their Platform and Resolution committee.


“I have served our Party at all levels … I know how our NC Democratic Party works … and how

it can work better,” Goodwin’s website bio continues.


Goodwin says that the NC Democratic Party has to address vital structural, fundraising, and messaging needs. Additionally, he wants to concentrate much of his focus on enhancing urban areas.


“I’m from a rural part of the state, and I know that’s where a lot of our efforts need to be in the coming months and years,” Goodwin stated.


Wayne Goodwin believes that Democrats can do a better job tackling the issues that urban areas continue to face. These include: medicaid expansion, public school funding, and jobs.


“I think those things were not underscored as much as they could have been” Goodwin expressed. “No one person can control the message or dynamic, but there were a lot of issues that received tremendous airplay over the last campaign cycle that perhaps prevented folks from realizing that the Democratic Party of North Carolina is the best party for fighting for opportunities for all.”


Goodwin intends to break the Republican supermajority in the state legislature. This means that there will be fewer races where Republicans win by default and that they would no longer have a veto-proof majority.


“The paramount goal is to break the supermajority so that any veto by Gov. Cooper can be upheld,” Goodwin said.

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