Faculty Senate at UNCG

Jayce Shore

Staff Writer

On Wednesday, March 1, the UNCG Faculty Senate gathered in the Virginia Dare room in the Alumni House to discuss business.

Faculty Chair Anne Wallace confirmed the minutes and the dates of two new resolutions, one for Faculty Accessibility to Students on April 5 and another meeting set on May 4 for a resolution involving edits to UNCG’s withdrawal policy. On May 3 another meeting will be held for the faculty to meet and discuss business around these two proposals.

Afterwards Provost Dana Dunn announced that final picks for candidates suitable for the Dean of Library position have been made public for faculty on Canvas and will be decided by a poll and forums on the site. Dunn also suggested a modest tuition increase for students to upgrade the GenEd program, which has been left as it is now for a decade or so. This upgrade would improve the GenEd program to be more focused on modern needs and a more competitive educational opportunity to be taken advantage of.

Rick Barton,  new faculty member and former employee of Lenovo, facilitated a conversation on UNCG’s 125th anniversary and has hopes to create a visual perspective for prospective students to think of when they think of UNCG. Barton’s priorities are to transform UNCG’s story, content, engagement, and culture while promoting a campus with personality.

“When you think of UNC Charlotte, you think of a gorgeous, sprawling city,” Barton said. “When you think of Appalachian, you think of mountains, if you think of Wilmington, you think of the beach. There isn’t a visual interpretation of UNCG that can easily be assigned. When I say we need to transform our story, I mean we need to redefine our narrative. We must be authentic and true.”

Barton’s presentation also discussed the possibilities of a “sharable moments” mindset. This plan entails the digital extension of  traditional media, like newspapers and magazines,  onto social media sites to help display UNCG.

One idea offered by a faculty member was podcasts to display news at UNCG.

Two resolutions were also passed at this meeting. The first resolution being Resolution #FS03012017/1, regarding  the hiring and tenure of associate professors at UNCG.

The second resolution, #FS03012017/2, was won by majority with three nays standing from the crowd. The resolution stated that membership would be comprised of 12 voting General Faculty members, six from the College of Arts and Sciences (CASA) and one from each other electoral division, excluding the JSNN (by their request).

The Provost has some reign over the senate with this resolution, stating that ex-officio and non-voting members may be appointed by the Provost as needed.

More discussions were to be held originally, though the time ran short so that the senate could adjourn on schedule.

The next faculty senate meeting will be held on April 5 at 3 p.m. in the Alumni House’s Virginia Dare room, and will be open to the public.

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