Softball Sweeps at the Bailey Memorial Tournament

Garrison Pulley

Staff Writer

The UNCG softball team were looking at a long weekend with four games to play from Friday to Sunday. The team was participating in the Bailey Memorial Tournament and has yet to begin participation in conference games. The Spartans were slated to go up against UAB and Kennesaw State on Friday, Akron on Saturday, and finally UAB again on Sunday.

The first game for the Spartans was on Friday at 10:00 AM against UAB, and the Spartans walked away with the 3-2 win. The Spartans applied just enough pressure to UAB in a low scoring, low intensity game. With the game, scoreless all the way up until the eighth inning both teams finally started scoring with UAB scoring two runs at the top of the eighth innings the Spartans are forced to score at least two runs to win the game. The blue and gold responded to the two runs from UAB by rallying and scoring three runs at the bottom of the eighth inning to end and win the game at 3-2.

The second game, against Kennesaw State started at 3:00 PM, the Spartans got the tough 6-5 victory. The game came down to the wire with the winner being decided in the final innings of the game. After the first three innings, the Spartans led the game 2-0, through six innings the game is all knotted at 4-4 with Kennesaw State scoring 2 runs in the fourth and sixth inning. While the Spartans scored one run in the first, third, fourth, and sixth inning. With the game coming down to the wire the seventh inning is left scoreless, the Spartans lead off in the eighth inning and scored two runs to give them the 6-4 lead. With Kennesaw State needing at least two runs to push the game into extra innings, but could only get one run and leave the final score at 6-5. The sole UNCG pitcher, Kylie Bouplon, threw for all eight innings, allowing eight hits and five runs allowed.

In the third game of this tournament for the Spartans they play against Akron. This game was a nail biter and came down to the final innings and plays of the game. Through the first three innings the score is 3-0 with Akron leading the way, along with them scoring all three runs in the second inning. After the sixth inning, the score was sitting at 4-6 with Akron still leading the way. The Spartans scored runs in the fourth, fifth, and two runs in the sixth inning, while Akron scored one run in the fourth, fifth, and sixth inning. In the final seventh inning, the Spartans are eying a comeback win against Akron, and the Spartan girls do just that by rallying and scoring four unanswered runs in the final inning of the game and finishing off Akron in an 8-6 comeback win. There were two pitchers for the Spartans in this game, the starter was Kylie Bouplon once again. She pitched through four innings, allowing three hits and two runs allowed.

The second pitcher of the game was Alicia Bazonski, she pitched through three innings allowing six hits and four runs allowed. The final game of the weekend for the Spartans is against UAB for the second time this weekend. The game was set to start at 1:30 PM on a Sunday afternoon, with the Spartans already beating UAB in a 3-2 victory they come into the game with more confidence that they can once again beat UAB. And this game was a shootout that came down to the final at-bats. The Spartans had a total of four home runs in this 9-8 victory over UAB. With the score being tied up at 2-2, the Spartans scored in the first and third, and UAB scored both of its runs in the first inning. After the sixth inning, the score was 7-6 with the Spartans scoring four runs in the fourth inning and one run in the sixth, and UAB scoring four more runs in the fifth and one run in the sixth. And in the final seventh inning both teams score two run to leave the game at 9-8 with the Spartans winning and exciting final game of the weekend, and helping them go an undefeated 4-0 over the weekend.

The Spartan women next softball action takes place during the Spartan Classic which is being played over the weekend of Friday March 10 through Sunday March 12. The games are being played at home for the Spartans in Greensboro, NC.

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