Staff Picks – Movies

  • Jared – “Coming to America”
    • It’s a great 80’s comedy with Eddie Murphy at the height of his career.
  • Teresa – “Copenhagen”
    • It toys with the idea of falling in love with someone without having to sleep with them. Also the cinematography is stunning.
  • Emily – “Interstellar”
    • I could watch this an endless number of times. The story is intriguing and emotional, and the musical score pulls so much more out of the film.
  • Chelsea –  “Hunt for the Wilderpeople”
    • A charming and funny adventure film about a young boy who gets adopted by a couple living in the bush of New Zealand. It has all the classic stereotypical characters – but with unexpected twists and turns that set it apart from other “heartwarming indie” films.
  • Matt – “Scarface”
    • Tony Montana’s story about a self made millionaire continues to inspire me.
  • Sam – “The Room”
    • Tommy Wiseau’s “disaster-piece” reaches a level of terrible that no other movie has. I’ve seen it at least thirty times and I’m still finding new mistakes with every viewing.
  • Annalee – “The Road Within”
    • This movie features very realistic portrayals of mental disorders and how youth struggle to rise above the stigmas that have been placed upon them. Emotionally gripping but not too sappy.
  • Jessica – “Big Fish”
    • One of my all time favorite movies because it’s fantastic, yet realistic. It’s the kind of movie that makes you smile ear to ear at one moment, and blubber like a fool in the next.
  • Ross – “Rushmore”
    • Wes Anderson’s sophomore effort and you can really see his signature cinematic style start to emerge. Also it’s Jason Schwartzman’s film debut and there is something that feels so natural to his teenage awkwardness.

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