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Zackary Wiggins
   Staff Writer

Like a lot of my articles, I like to put a disclaimer at the beginning just so all the readers know where I stand and any bias that I may have towards a topic. Disclaimer: Hillary Clinton is one of my favorite people and one of my biggest role models.

I worked hard for her during the primaries, even while most of my college colleagues were excited for Bernie. I campaigned for her in New York City, and Charleston, SC; and I worked even harder for her during the general election, organizing UNCG’s campus and making sure students and people around Guilford County went out to vote.  

Unfortunately, the election didn’t go the way I, and hundreds of thousands of others, would have liked, and worked so hard for. But now, questions come up concerning what Hillary Clinton does now, and where she has been.

Hillary Clinton started putting her campaign together in 2013, so she worked on it for 3 years, all to not win on November 8. And as anyone who worked so hard for something that didn’t end up happening, she has been taking time to herself, walking around the trails near her house, catching up on some much needed sleep, and visiting bookstores and coffee shops.  

That’s exactly what she should be doing for the few months after that undeserved loss.  Let her sleep, and rest up.  She deserves to take a break.  I have never seen someone as hardworking as Hillary Rodham Clinton.  

She has been working hard for over 40 years, trying to make the lives of her fellow Americans better.  Honestly, that’s something that I think our generation overlooked and ignored, so let’s let her have her time to herself for a little bit.  She’s now making a few more speeches, and I think we are going to see a lot more of her in the next few months, as her plans on what to do next get figured out.  

Hillary is someone who doesn’t do anything without a clear goal in mind and every detail ironed out. She pays attention to details so well, it’s almost scary. She’s extremely smart and plans out everything so that things can run as smoothly as possible.  

These past few months have been about resting, but I’m sure also about planning her next move.  She won’t want too much exposure, but also won’t want no exposure either. She will want just enough, so that’s why she has been doing a few speeches and has been absolutely savage on Twitter, which I love by the way!  

There have been rumors that she might run again, possibly for mayor of NYC, or even a 2020 presidential run. I think that both of those are not going to happen.  

Even though I’d love for her to run, I truly think that she will be most influential behind the scenes, and in roles that don’t require her to run for anything, and I think she knows that as well.  She can continue being a role model to younger people in politics now, lending her advice, and also having a role in the DNC, and as a surrogate.  

Doing charity work and helping others, which she has always done, is also on the horizon if I had to guess. So what happens if she does actually decide to run for something? Well if she were to run for NYC mayor, I truly believe she would win. People in NYC love her, and her home state is New York.  

Plus, she’d be the mayor of Trump’s home city.  Now how would that be for having the last laugh?  As far as I know, she hasn’t said no to all of the rumors about her running, which leads to even higher suspicion. However, that’s how Hillary is. She likes to there be a little bit of guessing involved for people.  

Now how about the big one?  She decides to get up and go against Trump for a second time in 2020?  Would she win the primaries? She would have a big chance in doing so. She has almost universal name recognition. People may still be upset by her loss last year, and decide to vote for her.  

If she were to win the primaries and gain the nomination, could she win the general? A lot of factors go on into that, such as how badly Trump has done, what the attitudes of voters especially in the Rust Belt are, and whether she would be able to get over the wave of attacks that will be thrown at her.  She would need to convince the Rust Belt and the south to vote for her, which was hard this time because of the blatant sexism from Republicans and the media.  

I wanted Hillary to win so badly last year.  Not just because I disliked Trump but because I truly do love Hillary and her work.  And whatever she decides to do in the future, whether she runs or not, I will support her wholeheartedly.  

I know whatever it is, she will have her fellow Americans’ well being in mind.  As she has always said, “Do all the good you can, for all the people you can, in all the ways you can, for as long as you can”.  She has never sat down quietly, and I don’t think she’s going to now

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