UNCG narrows education gap between white and black students

Maryam Mohamed
   Staff Writer


The Education Trust listed UNCG as a leader in narrowing the educational gap between white and black students.


The Education Trust is a nonprofit organization that works to promote adequate education for all students – in particular students of color. Additionally, the Education Trust emphasizes education equality for students who come from low income backgrounds.


This report analyzed the success rate of black students within universities.


On average, about 41 percent of black students who enter college successfully graduate and earn a degree. This presents a striking contrast when compared to the 63 percent of white students who graduate with a similar degree.


If these educational gaps were closed, more than 12,000 black students would graduate, thus narrowing the national institutional gap between both races.


UNCG holds the distinction of being a university in which no completion gap exists between black and white students, according to the Education Trust. When UNCG’s graduation rate is compared to that of akin institutions, the percentage for blacks is 18.6 percent higher.


“UNC Greensboro is committed to closing the gap in student success by ensuring that all admitted students have the academic support they need to graduate and pursue their goals,” Provost Dana Dunn said. “We’re proud to be a national leader in this area, and we look forward to continuing our commitment to access and opportunity for all.


Other UNCG faculty members have expressed their viewpoint on this national distinction.


“As leader of this university, I am gratified to see our efforts to improve retention and graduation rates recognized by Education Trust,” UNCG Chancellor Linda P. Brady stated in an article. “We have concentrated significant resources in this area and we have made significant gains. We should be proud of this trend as it benefits not only the university but also our students and the greater community.”


Many of UNCG’s departments have concentrated heavily on taking proactive approaches in ensuring that all students successfully in complete their degrees.


“As highlighted in the Education Trust report, Undergraduate Studies has relied heavily on data to inform constant improvements in academic support for UNCG students,” Dean of Undergraduate Studies Steve Roberson stated on UNCG’s homepage. “The creation of the Students First Office is just one example of cutting-edge new approaches garnering national attention.  I am very proud of my innovative and remarkable staff who work tirelessly alongside their faculty colleagues to improve learning.”


However, there are still institutions where the graduation rates of black students are only one out of ten. For instance, at Youngstown State University white students have a graduation rate nearly five times that of black students.


Changing where black students enroll is a critical component of reducing the education gap. Approximately 25 percent of black students attend competitive colleges with higher completion rates. On the other hand, 40 percent of their white peers enter these universities.  


Likewise, one in five black students attend institutions that have low completion rates and faulty resources. While only 1 in 10 White freshman attend these types of colleges.


It is vital that these competitive schools enhance their outreach methods in recruiting black students. This is essential in decreasing the education gap between white and black students.


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