The House Votes to Take Away Privacy Laws

Tarlon Khoubyari
  Web Content Manager


On March 28, the House of Representatives won by a small margin, 215-205, to repeal privacy laws that protect users against Internet providers such as Comcast and Time Warner to selling user information. These regulations were instituted by the Obama Administration just last year. These laws protected the everyday consumer from being forced to opt into agreements that gave up their information. These new FCC rules allow Internet providers to advertise heavily in a user’s experience with the exchange of using the customer data that once was private information to the provider’s benefit.


Cybersecurity is a major issue in our nation now that we are in a technology era where everything is virtually online and accessible. There needs to be federal laws protecting the everyday American from national and foreign cyber attacks. With this repeal, it’s hard to imagine what is protected and what isn’t anymore. This puts people at a larger risk to cyber attacks.


This is what this means:

  • Internet snooping on Traffic creates more threat for online hackers
  • Without encryption (See: Encryption: All your questions answered) it’s easier for hackers to spy on information
  • Tired of ads? Get used to them. Ads are one of the major threats users face and internet providers make billions off of inserting ads into your web browsing. Protect yourself by using the Google Chrome extension Ad Blocker. Note: some streaming services such as Hulu will prevent you from using it unless you turn it off.
  • Cookies leave crumbs and crumbs lead trails – Cookies are little pieces of code that allow the advertiser and Internet provider collect as much information on you as possible. For example: if you have ever done any type of online shopping and went to Facebook a few moments later, what you searched will most likely appear in the next add that you see. The owner of the ad knows what you like to see and can make certain assumptions based on that small bit of information. This repeal will magnify that by a lot. Hackers, internet providers, basically anyone who can get their hands on this information can track what you do online.

Internet security is not to be taken lightly. This is a serious issue that we all need to conquer together. Make sure your devices are protected, secured, and take extra measures to make sure your information doesn’t get stolen in anyway. It’s a costly process on getting that information back and could even result in permanent damage on your life.


Some tips?

  • Don’t check your bank statement or make purchases from public networks like starbucks
  • Have a different password for everything and physically write it down somewhere don’t put it in your Notes.
  • Don’t open suspicious pop-ups or links or click on ads that look a little bit off to you
  • Avoid clicking on ads that appear during your web browsing. They’re there because the company who got that information from you put it there
  • Call your local senator/congressman and argue for more protection on the Internet.

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