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Garrison Pulley

Garrison Pulley
  Staff Writer 

Though the sport of soccer is known more as an outdoor sport, the past month at the Kaplan Center has seen the universal game be taken indoors with an intramural soccer league. The season is going into its final week of regular season play. Each team gets to play in four games out of five weeks, with one of those weeks being a bye week with no game. Out of the four different leagues you are given a specific time of when your games are during the next five weeks. The final game out of all four of the leagues is on April 11 at 8:30, with the playoffs starting a couple days later.

One of the teams from the Tuesday/Thursday league, ‘OH BABY’, owns a 1-3 record going into their final match of the regular season. The team’s goalkeeper, defender, and midfielder talked about the season and their experience with the indoor league.

Brandon Ta, the goalkeeper for the team, had experienced playing at this position before by playing in the Fall 2016 outdoor soccer league. When asked what his personal and team goals he’d like to accomplish while playing this he said;

“Well obviously, we’re going for a championship, that’s every team’s goal. But for me personally I just want to become a better goalie and to be able to use that skill to keep helping me team win games.”

But when asked about how he feels about the refereeing that goes on around the league he had a generally happy a response about it. He moderately complained about some missed calls, but was happy with the performance of the referees as a whole. When asked about how playing in these school ran sports leagues helps with your stress and he said this about it;

“I think these leagues can and do help with stress in students” he said. “Playing in these leagues and getting to play with your friends and have that hour where you just play the game and not worry about school is nice and it personally helps me with stress from school.”

Brandon’s good friend on the team Blair Simpson, who plays a strong defensive position on the court and helps Brandon keep the goals from getting by. When asked about the competition of the league, SImpson replied with this.  

“Yea sometimes the teams are level, I mean you always have the top teams who seem to be above everyone else. But the other teams that are in the middle pack and even the worse ones make it feel like almost everyone is around the same skill level. And if the separation of leagues by skill also helps a lot with the balance of play.”

The final player interviewed was the midfielder for OH BABY, Daniel Fernandez who has been friends with the other two players for a good amount of time, and has developed a good chemistry with his teammates. His goals for the season were very simple for any intramural athlete.

“Win the championship. And get the free T-Shirt haha!” A normal response, as the main goal when playing a sport is to beat your opponent and become the best. He also talked about the calming nature of playing in the league has on himself when asked about if the playing helped out with stress.

“Yes I think it has, playing this helps me take some of my anger out and it makes me happier knowing that I’ve won some of these games too.”

It seems like the majority of these players are having fun, whether their main goal is to win or all or just to have fun. Everyone seems to be enjoying what UNCG has been able to put together and keep running consistently. You can sign up for these intramural sports through UNCG, but some of the sports change from semester to semester, so keep your eyes open for the sport you love and try it out with some friends one day.

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