Our New Favorite Auntie Maxine

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Zackary Wiggins
     Staff Writer 

Congresswoman Maxine Waters represents California’s 43rd District which is in Los Angeles and was elected to Congress in 1991. She has gotten some recent fame due to her rather blunt criticism towards President Trump and Republicans in Congress.

This long-standing politician has quickly emerged as a favorite to people of our generation because she is one of the few in Congress that will stand up to the nonsense that we are seeing come from the Republican Party.  

Waters has become a leader in the resistance to the Trump administration and the agenda that comes along with it. It shows in her fearless rhetoric that she unafraid of her peers, calling the attention of the usually apathetic or disengaged millennial generation. Moving away from the typical political disinterest among us, we have the opportunity to use the abilities of fearless people like her to make sure that we will not stand for regressive policies or dangerous rhetoric.  

Congresswoman Waters (also known proudly as “Auntie Maxine” to a lot of millennials) has yet to back down from her criticism or rejection of Trump and his political agenda, and because of her fearlessness liberals now have an ally in Congress that will not allow Trump to get away with his actions.  

The American peoples have come to love this fiery woman for many reasons, but there are two primary aspects to this fast-growing admiration. First, I think it is because she proclaims that we all want to say but don’t have the platform to do so. Her ability to have such a public platform to ridicule and resist gives many who have felt voiceless a new hope.

Secondly, I think it is also because Congresswoman Waters is truly a fearless woman, and she employs her strength of self by standing up to white men who think that they can make decisions on their own. She fights the misogyny and racial domination of the white male in government as they live in their delusion that they do not need to listen to anyone but their own kind.   

Waters’ will not deny that this new admiration from young people of America is something she notices and adores. In a recent interview, the congresswoman raved about how millennials are now getting involved, and stop her on the street and ask for autographs.

She also is having fun, learning about terms that our generation have used when talking about her such as “throwing shade” and “stay woke”. She even jokes that she had to ask her grandchildren what those terms mean because she had never heard them before.  

She has called Trump and Republicans “scumbags” and after meeting with the Director of the FBI, James Comey, she came out of the meeting and said very bluntly that the “FBI Director is not credible”.  We all need to have the same sort of reaction to people that try to defend Trump and the policies of his that we disagree with.  

If everyone were to speak up when they disagree with something, then the United States Congress and all other departments of our nation’s government would have to start listening more to the people they are intended to serve. This would inevitably mean they would fear that they wouldn’t get reelected if they chose to remain ignorant to the public’s wishes.

Congresswoman Waters has been that voice to people that feel like they don’t have one.  Yes, our generation puts terms to it such as “throwing shade” to what she is doing, but on a larger scale, she’s refusing to accept the policies of the current administration that could be dangerous to many Americans.

We need to celebrate that at least one person in these turbulent times in the American government does not allow bigotry to go unnoticed and encourages others to stand up as well. I think that we could see many more people stand up and demand that the government listen to them because of strong leaders, such as Congresswoman Waters.  

People fought hard for the rights that they have obtained, people including Waters. We must not forget that those fights were long and herculean battles. We must not let rights of anyone be under attack after being so arduously won, and the public must speak out against such intolerance and tyranny.

I see a lot of potential for our generation, and so does Congresswoman Maxine Waters. With her help, I believe that we can truly turn things around for, not only our country, but for the world as well.

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